Saturday, November 6, 2010

cape cod

it was a perfectly beautiful fall day - overcast, but not threatening rain. i tragically woke up at 6:40am and couldn't go back to sleep, so i read and did the half sleep thing until about noonish. =) HEaVeN. then i decided that there aren't going to be many fall saturdays that i can just go play, so i decided i needed to go, now. so i did! it's about 2.5 hours from me and i typed in the road i wanted to see (i read about it in a magazine) and away i went!

i chatted with gas station guys and people in stores to find out where else i should go. it was a perfect day. but i vote that next time, you come play with me! would you be okay if i start grinning and maybe even shouting "HOORAY" because i love it out here so much?! i may have done that  a few times today! :)

grad school. i went to an open house for harvard's graduate school of education yesterday. that is the goal. i applied last year and wasn't accepted. so i'm trying again this year. thankfully, i really don't feel like i have to be smart to get in - otherwise i would NEVER be trying! - i feel like they want hard workers who have a passion for teaching/education. and i feel like i have both of those, big time. so if it's right, i hope to learn from the students and professors. i am praying that if it's right, the words just come to me for my essays and that people who i ask to write letters of recommendations will also have words flow for them. i'm pretty open to whatever He has in store. harvard or not.

cape cod CHarM!!

 beautifully charming stationary store: jules besch. wow. mom and sisters, we HAVE to go there next trip!
 this is the drive way. in utah land these broken pieces for a rustic driveway would be pebbles or stones . . .
 in cape cod, they are SEA SHELLS!!!!!!!!!!! ahh!! i let an audible gasp out as i passed by and realized what they were . . .

 ever had the moments when you are smiling to yourself you are so happy and content?
ever had the moments when you shout and scream and do a fake opera singing because you love your life and are in shock you actually get to be living it??!! maybe that was me, in the car mind you, three different times today!!

 french onion soup!! oh wow. and yes, miss, there was "soggy" bread in it!
and miss chalk, that would be I Capture the Castle next to the french onion soup =)
 this would be banana bread pudding. oh my heavens. i didn't know there could be tastes like this!


ellen said...

You aren't the only one who LOVES living in New England (and slept in until noon today)!

Rebecca Snyder said...

wow cape cod looks fun! French onion soup looks great.

One question- I don't really understand the 3rd paragraph down about emailing?

melimba said...

and, I still think the soggy bread in the french onion soup thing is GROSS!


good work. although I do worry when you are snapping pictures right and left WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!!! be careful. we'd like you to be safe, okay? okay.

way to make the Saturday great.