Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Decorating!

my mom is a holiday master. home is such an heavenly place to be because she thinks through details and makes the holidays so fun. especially Christmas. because i usually spent most of my time at home - regardless where i was sleeping - i didn't do much decorating for the seasons. 

needlesstosay, being out here, i have taken on the responsibility for my Home-ness. yes, i live in a little room. yes, there isn't much space. but it's mine and cozy. it's my heart. 

with all the beautiful farms around and farm "stands" i decided last night that i needed a beautiful wreath. and a lovely fresh garland would be divine too. tragically, most places are closed by 5 around here. i support them going home, but it is a little frustrating to have to wait until saturday to explore beautiful places. 

so i went to michaels and joannes. before you balk, i added a twist of my own - and there is more to come - and i went to my favorite wilson's farms for fresh berry branches, lemon leaves, and tomorrow, i will get a mini Christmas tree. here's what we have so far:

 my shout out to louisa may alcott and her love for owls.
 took down lots of pictures to de-clutter. i like it.

 don't ask about the lighting . . . the light in my room is dying . .. makes quite an ambiance (sp??)

 i bought this BeAUtifUL hat in philly. i finally was brave and actually wore in through the airport, on the flight, and through the boston airport. i was sooo brave - and there wasn't anywhere to pack it without it getting smooshed. this pic below is just for you to get a general idea. :) i am planning on going to nyc in december. is it not the most perfect nyc winter hat??! yup, thought so!


melimba said...

good work! I am in love with the berry sprigs! And, where did you find that mini owl? Darling.
I love that you took pictures of it all!
And hello! you were so brave with the hat! Can't wait to see REAL pictures with it on!
love you.

mtduckgirl said...

Will you come decorate my place now?? Please....