Monday, November 1, 2010

dinner not yesterday, but the week before . . .

the people in my ward seriously wow me. 
i have told my mom that it's a good thing i moved out here at this time in my life; a time when i feel confident in who i am and what i have to offer. otherwise, i could and most likely would feel VERY inferior. 

let's take last sunday's dinner gathering:
adam is an opera singer who happens to have a love for preparing glorious food. 
for a gourmet sunday dinner, he invited a medical doctor, a real estate lawyer, a jewish scholar, a top musician, and  . . . me!! (this is not a time that i am begging for your compliments to tell me that i "fit" in this crowd. please see the second sentence of this post. i am okay and don't feel about what i contribute to the world. i am simply WOWED!)

thankfully brad had his camera and let me document a few things . . . 

thank you adam. thank you brad. thanks team!! wow. what a night!

also, i bought a beautiful pumpkin a few weeks ago, and a winter gourd, and beautiful glass milk bottles. there is a farm just behind my house and it's a dream. someday i'll have a place of my own (rented) where i can have a perfectly wonderful wreath and cuteness'. but until then, my room will have to do:

from these (truly, i found this pic on the web from wilson's!!)

 to this!!

 ps this is my room
 and these are for my mama. i was telling her how i reorganized. i still haven't put the labels on the bins . . . oops!
oh! and i want to add this to my Christmas list! it's called a footsac. it's made by the lovesac company. it has a little pocket at one end for your feet!! AHHHH!!! heaven! it doesn't need to be by footsac, but a blanket with a pocket for my feet . . . dreamy.  i could just make one because i am actually asking santa for a rotary cutter and mat . . . i am going to attempt sewing with my friend leah (such a good excuse to hang out with her!). we are actually going to a quilt fabric store this thursday. alpine quilters, i'm getting ready for a quilt retreat: boston style!

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