Monday, November 15, 2010


this past weekend i got to visit a friend and make some new ones in philly - aka philadelphia. it was beyond wonderful. remember how i am continually in awe of the people i get to have near my heart in this life? it blows my mind that i can meet people and within hours feel like we have been friends for a lifetime. welcome to this weekend.

ben was in an institute class i got to teach at byu. we ran into each other last fall at a single's conference out here in boston. he is in philadelphia working in a low income high school and getting certified through teach for america. shockingly, we chat about teaching and i live a little through him. 

i got to stay with girls that live around the corner from him. they are some of the greatest women i know. we had wonderful talks and chats and stayed up WAY WAY too lat and ate WAY WAY too much! who knew that philadelphia was the land of food?? and i took oodles of pictures of the beautiful beautiful doors and details around the city. 

after spending friday in ben's class - and teaching his seniors (my apologizes to the first two classes, i am a little rusty), we headed to his favorite place to run.  it's a forest park in the middle of the city. there are rock walls and forts and plaques and benches in the rocks . . . it was pretty cool. minus the fact that ben forgot his running clothes - which made it so that i was definitely off the hook to run with him. so we walked. but, i actually ran today because someday i want to run through that park. i'll start now to be ready for next fall!
 no, my arms are not broken - i am just attempting to be vanna white - such a pathetic attempt
i don't think ben enjoys having his pic taken! :)
 and i just laugh!
 happy indonesian food!! (there was a picture of me with a different course, but sooo not cute. thus, sooo deteleted!)
yes, i ate some of everything!!
happy beautiful, meaningful rings.
ben being "tough"!

 note the swollen, tired eyes and faces of us girlies?? hmmm  .. .

dutch apple . . . wowsers

of course they were alive!!! ugh!

 love it. love it. love it.
 ben got a little defensive about hope's cookies being the best cookies known to man. some how we will need to have a hope's vs. levaine's (from NYC - remember i got them with CT)

  the perfect fire station

 i loved both of these!

 at the jewish deli - and the deserts were truly holy!! notice the eclairs please. only 3 can fit on a cookie sheet!!!

 yup uku, you have to eat it!! and he truly did!!

go philly!


melimba said...

whoa! that might be the most pictures you've ever posted in your LIFETIME! I felt like I was right there with you... Only, I wish I had one of those eclairs in my mouth RIGHT NOW. Looks delicious.
Glad you had such a good trip. You look great in these pictures!

lots and lots of love.

Rebecca Snyder said...

looks like fun! great hair.