Wednesday, November 24, 2010

quick thoughts . . .

i was looking at a website during a lunch break at work. it's a fabulous site. 
in my perusing, i found this and wanted to laugh really loud !!

it made me think of my red couch. it is currently in my apartment at home (utah home) that was joked to be the love couch, but it just became the therapy couch. many many tender chats happened with various girlfriends and guyfriends. i always have and always feel very needed and grateful for the moments when my listening ear, or words of encouragement, or even just my hugs are needed or wanted as someone is hurting. it makes me grateful for the breaking and hurting moments in my life, because regardless of what the experience is, my heart has been molded and i know the pain of being molded. i empathize with that anguish. and so, i love when i get to pass on the safety i have felt from others in my times of molding.

but i also thought of a friend telling me that i was dramatic. WHAT!??! ME!?!  (hehehe) i have realized - after i was bugged for a bit, because it wasn't said in a kindly manner - that for the most part, being a girl = dramatic. and although i may be more dramatic that other women, i am very, very okay with that.


i decided long ago, that i want to truly live. i don't want to be kind, or nice, or blah. i don't want my energy level and my life-lived level to be nice and even. i want the ups and downs. i want the peaks with the valleys and gorges. i want the vistas and the sorrows. i want to laugh and be so joyful that i loudly proclaim how much i love my life. and i want to embrace the moments that i am a bucket of tears (love that these tears come in most of the moments - happy or sad. realized that these tears of mine are connected to my heart. heart = tears).

call it drama. call it "crazy emotional needs". call it living. but i plan on living with a flare. 
just in case you were wondering.  ;-)

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Kim and Tony Miller said...

I too love being a listening ear and helping give others comfort and peace! And I LOVE your red couch!

And good for you for being proud of who you are, there are too many women in the world today who are trying too hard to be someone or something that they aren't. I say embrace who you are and be the best you can be, even if you are a lot of drama (have you met my oldest sister? You don't have anything on her :P)