Thursday, November 11, 2010

rob and shannon

there are a number of people and friendships that i cherish and feel are divinely inspired. 
one such set of people would be rob and shannon peterson. 

rob needed to be in boston last week for a work conference and shannon came to play too! so they kindly and very graciously allowed me to tag along with them sunday, monday, and tuesday night. i love them. i love being with them. i love our conversations. 

we ate at some divine places - giacobee's? (soo not the correct name, but it was incredible italian food in little italy. i am craving it just thinking about it!) on tuesday, we journeyed down to rhode island and had sushi and crepes with CT. 

there is nothing better in life than good friends and good moments together. so thank you rob and shannon for being here and filling me up, and making me LiGHTer. (and i think we have already established that this always happens with CT around. let's not talk about what my boston life would be like without him . . . )


Goodrich Goodnews said...

I'd take you out for crepes if I came to Boston!!! How fun. Yeah for great friends

emily snyder said...

val - let's not do this IF you came to boston! let's make it happen!! there is a quilt store in concord who hosts a quilt retreat the last weekend of april at a beautiful bed and breakfast in new hampshire - i think sew much more needs a field trip!!