Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving and room updates

 just a few things have been happening:

the ward thanksgiving dinner with variety show!! here is one of my favorite father/son combos performing a magic show! too funny!
 daryl and karen . . . two of the treasured friends i have made
 blurry, but soo love this family!!

thanksgiving at the nielsen's!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are here. they are from highland and i went to school with rex and mary, their oldest kids, and jesse went to school with another daughter of theirs, etc. sister nielsen is a quilting phenom, and the dad is my bishop. basically, i am almost home! i got to sleep over wednesday to thursday and then again thursday to friday. it was soo grand to just chill and relax and just be.  sister nielsen is half italian, and she is an incredible cook. she made homemade bread, then dried it out for the stuffing. HOLY COW it was amazing!!

a little birthday breakfast party at the friendly toast. love when others decide to actually get ready when they go to breakfast. that - i thought - was the joy of going out to breakfast . . . you just get up and go! oh well, just fulfilling my calling in life: making others feel good about themselves. ;-) LOVED the table we sat at. so of course, i took a picture!

these elders represent my life: elder yurovich is from russia (belarus to be specific) and elder yim is from hong kong. crazy that they are companions and crazy that i love both of their home countries! they are teaching anatoly and wanted someone who spoke russian. let's not get into why in the world they asked me to come, but whatever. it was a fun night! i may need to get rosetta stone for Christmas and relearn some russian. 

i re-did my room. and finally put stickers on my bins in my closet. yes, i was going to do my nails tonight. oh well. it so didn't happen. 

there will be more to come. this weekend i am going to hang out at CT's to make yummy food and decorations: can we just say felt snowflakes?? ;-) to be continued!

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melimba said...

looks like you were fed well on Thanksgiving! What a beautiful spread! And, I am such a fan of your new Christmas decorations!! LOVE LOVE THEM!
that wreath and tree... oh wow. Darling.

Good work. And the bins are great! Denise is going to be SO proud.
love you.
love me.