Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ladies of the rolling pin

weeks ago, as i was at the airport heading to philly, i bought a better homes and gardens magazine. as i read it on the plane, i sooo wanted to make everything in the magazine and have a holiday baking day. so i called CT when i got off the plane and asked if i could reserve him and his kitchen the first weekend of dec. to have a baking day. i wanted to make ornaments and decorations and make sugar cookies and the bacon and bleu cheese dinner pie and the toffee and split ham and pea soup and rolls and  . . . 

because he is pretty great to me, he said yes!! so i had a list of things and a bag of supplies. i headed down and he suggested we run see the ladies of the rolling pin real quick. done. because like i would ever see the ladies of the rolling pin ever again in my life - done and done!

we had NO idea what we were getting into!! 
#1 - i wasn't even wearing sox - i had anticipated being in doors all day. was soo not prepared. i didn't have a coat, or hat, or SOX!!! luckily, i borrowed a coat and sox from CT, but no long underwear and i was wearing cute shoes, not warm ones
#2 - the performance was outside!!
#3 - they were WONDERFUL!!!! CT said that i would soo fit in and i concurred!! i told the women, i had found my destiny!! they sprinkled me with flour and i was official!!
because i was loving the village so much, i told CT that we should forget the baking day. we still needed to buy groceries and everything seemed so pointless when we were in a Christmas wonderland! we walked up and down the streets, bought hot chocolate and cider from the boy scouts, bought a rolling pin just like the ladies (thinking we would make the sugar cookies), met up with one of CT's good friends and his friend's mom for dinner (YUMMY), looked at stores, enjoyed the lights, and had a glorious time!!

we attempted sugar cookies, but the recipe was typed wrong and called for a total of 4 1/4 cups sugar and no flour. didn't realize it until the sugar was all in. but we did make chocolate chip cookies!! that were YUMMY. 

overall, it was a perfectly lovely weekend!! hooray for Christmas villages in rhode island!!

oops - forgot to "un-zoom"!

me saying okay, no more :)


i have no idea who took these pictures, but i found them online. my hand were too cold to take pictures once the sun set!! come visit - CT and i decided that next year we will be properly prepared! :)

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Scoresbys said...

love you. miss you. the end.