Wednesday, January 12, 2011

canon rebel =)

welcome to one of the greatest Christmases of my life. 
just a few reasons why: i got be just be with my fam. after living my dream life in boston - which i wouldn't trade for the world - it was truly heaven to be home. my family members are my bestest and dearest friends and we enjoyed the simple moments - washing dishes, watching movies, creating, singing around the piano, getting ready for the day, staying in pj's until the afternoon, on and on and on. 

santa was completely generous and brought me a canon rebel camera. i was shocked and thrilled!!! a friend helped teach me the basics last night. i learned about shutter speed, aperture, the ISO, wide lenses, normal lenses, long lenses, etc. 

today has been a blizzard in boston. my great boss told me and the intern to be safe at home. very very okay with me!! i could get used to this life! i tried out the lessons i learned last night and took photos of the crafting i did and will want to do.

 me during the photography class last night
 a Christmas MIRACLE from santa!!
 the pillow cases i finished today. they match the fall quilt i made while i was home . . . hooray!

 new pendant i made during craft weekend this past weekend. two girlfriends and i just created and created!

 notice the blizzard snow outside :)
 the machine, the bin of sewing tools (including a quilt pattern), and the little women picture i hand carried back to boston
 i bought and organized what i thought was a lot of embroidery floss! haha. mom has TWO cases full . . . i have so far to go

 the nesting fabric line i fell in love with during crafting weekend's trip to the concord quilt store! i bought more than i should have, but it was my first time buying fabric with out my mom. good learning experience. and i love love love the birds . . remember how i am learning to spread my wings and fly out here?? yup, totally perfect.

 the goal of going to the quilt store in concord was to find turquoise and red fabric. i have decided that i want to make decorations for each season, but want a Jan/Feb theme that is the blue of january's winter, and feruary's valentine's. instead i bought the nesting fabric. so on monday, when my sewing machine arrived, i ran to the cambridge quilt store and started gathering some blue and red. but i can't decide between what color of blue. this . . . .
 or this. hmmm . . . the colors aren't soo great. i will keep practicing with this camera stuff on saturday!! i am taking a class!!
and i have signed up for a calligraphy class in cambridge! it starts the first thursday of february. i was going to take a photography class on thursday's, but i am not in love with the work the teacher does, so i decided to wait, and find people i love - and practice myself for a bit. 

tah dah.

OH, and last week, after only three times at the DMV (actually, in massachusetts, it's the RMV - who knows why??), i am not an official massachusetts resident. i have a new driver's license and new car plates. so . . . in case you were wondering, i am going to be here for a while. i just need a place of my own and you are sooo invited to come play!!


ellen said...

I'm wicked jealous of that Bernina. :) Hello crafty!!

Rebecca Snyder said...

looks like fun! loving those fabrics.

melimba said...

loving these posts!
keep 'em coming!