Saturday, January 15, 2011

cute collecting

since i have started this new world of crafting, i have been falling in love with soo soo many beautiful images. my friend has been crafting for much longer than i and has a great treasure trove of blogs. she kindly and lovingly sends me a few blogs.

i have been pursuing the blogs and the links on those blogs and finding beautiful-ness  by and from so many people. because my excitement for my upcoming calligraphy class, and the near dream to have a place of my own, and a desire to be a great photographer, these images seem to be my heart.

and these are photos from my FrEEziNg walking photo class this morning!for $30 a professional photographer took a group of 5 of us around south station in boston. because it was a mere 15 degrees outside, we didn't spend too much time taking pictures, but found an au bon pair next to the children's museum to have the rest of class. feel free not to mock . . . i am such a beginner!

sorry, had to end with some beautiful quilts :)
i told my friend the other day that i am like my students, i don't read unless there are pictures!! so if you are like me and would prefer most blog posts be 80% pictures and 20% words, then this post is for you!


Susie said...

Your pictures ignite my inner craving for Boston! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself there.

Brooke said...

I love all the pictures. I started my own inspiration blog when I found so many wonderful pictures that I loved. Will you share the links of your fav blogs?

melimba said...

oh yes! GOOD WORK. Love the inspiration ones! Share the links, tell us where they come from!

And, can't wait for more of your very own pictures! GOOD WORK! I'm excited for these new hobbies of yours!

ajensen said...

So fun! I recognized most of the photos from going to the childrens museum with the kids...that is the closest for us. We've even eaten at that little shop next door too. Good times! Love the Hood snack bar

lyndsey said...

I love the "tea and warm socks..." and all the pictures you post! Glad you are loving Boston. Like I said, it totally suits you. :)