Monday, January 31, 2011

house on it's back . . .

remember our dear friend: the hermit crab?

i have been thinking about him a lot lately. and i think that melissa's friend sarah gave her one as a gift for something crazy. :)

but i have been feeling like mr. hermit crab may be feeling. i am in those moments of figuring out balance. the never-ending feat, i know. there are so so so many people i love and want to spend time with. and then there is time i need to spend with myself. i thought i was doing pretty good and only doing things with people one night a week. but then i get excited to be with people and my rule gets bent and then i forget i need me time. 

anyone have any great ideas on how to keep the balance?? :)
not really expecting answers . . . i feel like it needs to be a discovery. but i'd love to hear your discoveries in this season of your life. 

 love, em

1 comment:

melimba said...

no good ideas for you in the balance department.
I think half of the dilemma is solved when you REALIZE you need balance.
Good girl. Half way there.

love you.