Thursday, January 13, 2011


i stupidly stayed up until 11:30pm last night. ugh. i hate when i do that.

i have realized that i truly need 8 hours of sleep to function well the next day. maybe it's just psychological, maybe it's real. but whatever it is, i do better with 8 hours. and yesterday - being a lazy snow day - i should have had no reason why i wasn't in bed by 10pm. and i will completely blame miss chalk for it.

i rely on miss for suggestions of what books to read, and what shows to watch. i don't ever know what shows to watch and yesterday in all my crafting moments, i wanted something. i remembered miss had posted about the show the event so last night as i was designing sticheries, i started watching it. and of course, now i am hooked.

i also watched the first episode of off the map. miss snyder wood also suggested that friday night lights is good and clean. any other suggestions??

oh - the reason i stayed up wasn't JUST the event. i watched that until 10:30pm while working on sticheries. but when i got in bed, i realized that i had wanted to look up fabrics that are turquoise and red for my january/february quilting projects.

cheery house quilts really means nothing to me, other than i am in LOVE with their logo! i love the simplicity. i love the tones of the colors. i love the pop of orange and the brown/gray. i love it all.

i also have fallen in love with cosmo cricket fabric,

This is a beautiful beautiful beautiful  blog which highlights this beautifulness!!


Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

SO GOOD, right?!?!? I didn't think you would like it, but I am glad you do! I LOVE the suspense! And I love my boyfriend .... can't wait to discuss it with you! Loves!

melimba said...

for the record, I have never watched Friday Night Lights, but have HEARD that it was good and clean?

So, I'll have to get back with you on that one, if I ever decide to buckle down and get them on Netflix.

Good work. GO TO BED!

Jill said...

i wish i could get in bed by 11:30. :)

shows? call me horrible-- what not to wear, say yes to the dress, millionaire matchmaker (the last one is spicy)