Thursday, February 24, 2011

beautiful boston

long story. but i got a few hours to play today. 
so i headed to the boston public library to see the vintage postcard exhibit. i have been wanting to see it since i moved here. and today was the day!!

honestly, i was completely disappointed.  the "exhibit" was three panels. and one touch screen panel that had lots and lots of postcards scanned in so you could see both sides of the postcards. and, there were beautiful giant posters of some of the postcards.

i have been wanting to take pictures of some beautiful door frames around the cities. so after a quick tour of the postcard exhibit, i started walking along the beautiful beautiful bolyston and newbury streets. shockingly i felt out of place because i wasn't wearing black leggings and brown boots. blast. gotta get on that! but regardless of what i looked like, i was excited about the doors!!

go boston!!

oh ps - i stopped at the wonderful wilson's farm to grab some fruit and took a few pictures. i have told melissa about how beautiful it is and she asked me to take pictures - so tah dah!



melimba said...

sad that the postcard place was a bust, but I loved that it got you downtown to take some fun pictures!

and, great work that you finally took pictures of that farm place!
SOO pretty!!

GOOD WORK, girl!
good luck tomorrow.

Angela said...

Nice pics, Em! Looks like you are living it up in Boston! I am so glad that you are having such a great experience! You go, girl! :)