Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bill cosby

remember how bill cosby is hillarious?? 
remember how i found out that he was going to be in boston and i was so excited??

i didn't by tickets but wanted to go the day of to see if i could get cheaper tickets. there was a ward party that night, but beautiful bill cosby had a 5pm show and an 8pm show. so i was thinking i would leave the 5pm show a titch early and race to the ward party. 
a dear dear friend and i ended up being able to match up on saturday - bill cosby day - after trying for months to get together. she was kind enough to come with me to see bill. and we laughed and laughed and laughed our heads off. truly, our cheeks were hurting for hours after. 

he wore sweats and crocs and i loved him even more for it. he was real and talked about the great and funny things about marriage - based on adam and eve. we couldn't stop laughing!!

so thank you jodi for going with me. and thank you bill for sharing your humor and personality. and thank you boston chapter of life - the chapter in which i live my dreams and do things i love!

yep, i am absolutely in love with his wife!!
 i think she is absolutely stunning and beautiful!


ellen said...

I talked to Bill on the phone about a month ago! He called my office at work. Someone asked me if it was really him. We used to listen to his records when we were kids. I'd know that voice any day!

Susie said...

Symphony Hall - what a venue for comedy! Sounds like a blast.

melimba said...

sounds like it was a ton of fun. I love that he wore sweats and crocs!

way to be! And, I'm loving your COOL blog. I know I told you that, but seriously, I'm So impressed!!!

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

you know the game two truths and a lie? right. well this is my stellar claim to fame: my dad & bill cosby owned a recording studio together back in the day. i think. something like that. anyway, i pretend they were besties and i have a lifelong supply of "chocooolllllaate puuudding..." :)

Angela said...

So fun! I love that you said this chapter of your life is the one where you live your dreams and do what you want to do. And...I am SO glad that Bill Cosby was part of that! :)