Tuesday, February 15, 2011

blessed winter

it must be the winter, but i have wanted to just be hibernating this winter. 
i don't think i have ever been as cold as i have this winter. it's the biting cold that just knocks the breath out of you. gotta love new adventures. right?? :)

one of these bitter cold nights, CT and I took Mr. Ted to dinner. we went to the beautiful newbury street and ate WAY too much . ..

then we headed back to ted's where a few others joined us and one of his friends made him an absolutely divine chocolate cake - with caramel and chocolate chips . . .

speaking of winter . . . this is the view from my bedroom window. i have to express my complete love for these windows. every morning i wake up to incredible sun rises. the colors blow my mind. but this day was beautifully white. we've had a number of days when schools have closed because there was just too much snow. talk about craziness!

during the crazy days, i got sick. i was a mess one week and stayed home from work for two days. lovely. but as i started getting better, a friend suggested we head to her favorite breakfast place, zaftigs. holy mama. 

i don't even know how to describe the flavors of heaven. yes, it was noon by the time we ordered, but thankfully, they serve breakfast all day!! soo in love. 

i got banana stuffed french toast, with strawberry butter, and berries. we both got vermont maple bacon, and hot chocolates. lisa got challah french toast - which she said were great - but next time she is going back to buttermilk pancakes. 

if you come visit, we will most definitely be heading here. just sayin'

becca and i were talking last night about how much we love valentine's day. it makes me so sad when people hate it. i realized one day, at byu, that just because i wasn't dating someone, doesn't mean that i have to hate the day of love. i decided it would be a day i would tell those i love just how much i do. 

this year, i focused on my family and a couple treasured friends. i found giant sized envelopes at the paper source aka heaven on earth. they are big enough for an 81/2x11 sheet of paper. so i bought a package on clearance and started brainstorming. 

i ended up doing this nice and simple bird. and then writing around the edges of the cardstock. i was most excited about addressing the envelopes and the fun i could have with that. i wished the post office man would have been more excited about how to put as many beautiful stamps on here as possible. but alas. he gave me one $1 stamp and one 5 cent stamp for each envelope. boring. sorry team. 

regardless of the stamps, i hope they were the glorious surprise in the mailbox that i was hoping for!
and next year, the writing will be even more fun! thanks to the calligraphy class i am currently taking. stay tuned for images of my homework. :)

mr. lovell had a birthday and a graduation! so we gathered to celebrate!!

the friday of valentine's weekend, i got to babysit my boss' kids. holy fun times!!! we made pudding and put food coloring in it to create finger paint - edible finger paint that is. we made valentine's for the kiddos' mom and dad and made an art gallery of everything.

we realized that the art work could be like the lickable wallpaper from charlie and the chocolate factory. and thus some of the work was created with lots and lots of pudding for plenty of licking. hehehe

on yeah, and of course we ate the left overs!

some wonderfully fabulous friends had me over for dinner for valentine's day. i wish i had gotten my camera out while we ate dinner - it was BEAUTIFUL! hand-dipped chocolates, apples and cheese; then salad with avocados and raspberry dressing; salmon with pomegranate sauce and pink pasta; homemade strawberry ice cream and homemade (not from a box) brownies. AND we made log cabins in honor of abe lincoln's home. talk about a perfectly lovely evening with treasured friends!

gotta love that mr. daryl has a TEXT BOX about fonts!! oh wow. maybe i need another degree . . .

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melimba said...

great post!
and YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVED getting your huge amazing pink envelope in the mail! Tillie loved it almost as much as I did.
thank you!!!
looks like you've been having fun, girl.
love you.