Friday, February 18, 2011

beautiful mornings

"oh what a beautiful morning"
how i love when Curly starts the movie of oklahoma out with this song. (and just because hugh jackman is fabulous, we'll add his version in as well!)

thanks to my momma being aunt eller in her high school production of this musical, we know almost every song by heart.

so when i wake up to these types of sunrises, i can't help but want to follow Curly's lead and sing. 

yes i purposely put my camera next to my bed one night determined to capture the glorious morning i wake up to. and this morning, it was more beautiful than ever - good note to self that when i prove that i want to record the miracles and sweet blessings from heaven, i get even more than usual . . .

but i don't sing it out loud like Curly. i am sure it would wake people up in other rooms. 

instead, i say a quiet prayer of gratitude and wowing. i feel extra hugs from the Lord on mornings like this. morning like this help me stop and reflect at the complete miracle it is that i get to be in boston right now. i am wowed and humbled that the Lord would hear my prayers and pleas and allow me this season of life. i know that He is very much aware of me and my life and my heart and my desires and my dreams. i am amazed at the personal care and attention i feel from Him. i know that He is shaping and molding me into the best me i can become. and that His vision for me is a divine and eternal vision - He seems me and loves me for what i will ultimately become and has patience with me as i stumble in getting there. 

i don't always walk to work, but today i did. i get sick of listening to music, because i listen to pandora all day, everyday at work. so, instead, i listened to a talk from Elder Bruce R. McConkie about agency. not only did i notice how he made the scriptures come alive, i was very aware that the Lord is okay that we mess up. He knew we would - that was the entire point of us being here. i think the test is what we do after we mess up: do we return to Him? do we use that mess up to see things with more clarity? do we use the mess up to realize just how much we want Him in our lives?

a friend asked me the other day about thoughts i had in teaching people to love and use the scriptures. chuckle chuckle. kind of a major question. so i have been thinking about the characters in the scriptures and the lessons to be learned by each of them. i wonder and worry sometimes that we - as a general people - tend to assume we know the stories of the scriptures, and then stop. i feel that there is real purpose and divinely inspired reasons why these people - of all the people ever on the face of the earth - were chosen to be in scriptures that we have access to. i wonder just what else we are to know and become and follow from the lives and personalities and choices of those found in the scriptures. 

hmm . . sorry. the goal was just to share the my beautiful mornings. didn't realize i had so many thoughts today!

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