Wednesday, February 2, 2011

today is . .

 . . . my unbirthday!!

all growing up, because my birthday is in the summer, my mom would make 1/2 birthday treats to take to school. consequently, we tend to remember our unbirthdays around the snyder house (my sister melissa's is on friday!).

so i shouldn't have been surprised when i received this email from my mama this morning:

Happy half birthday to you,
Happy half birthday to you,
Happy half birthday, dear Emily,
Happy half birthday to you!

I’ll bet that you can just hear me singing that little tune to you!?
I sure hope you feel much better today!
Don’t get buried in the snow!
Button up your overcoat…better yet…listen to this:

I love you to bits!

so many hundreds of reasons why i love my mom and this is just one of them. thank you mom!


melimba said...

hope you had a lovely half birthday!
are you sure it was OUR mom who wrote that email? She really included a YOUTUBE link?? what?!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

So fun! I love celebrating half birthdays too! Some people have thought I am nuts (I am), but it is too fun not to! Another reason to celebrate! Plus, as a are now 4 and a HALF, ...that half is SO important! ;) Hope your half birthday was fantastic!