Friday, February 18, 2011

too funny!

at work, we are working on a new logo and website. 

we chose to work with crowdSPRING - they are a company in which you post what you need done and designers submit work. then you get to choose which of the designs/designers you liked the best.

i had a few questions for one of the projects and noticed it was the same Kevin guy that always was responding to my questions. so i started joking with him. 

his boss - and owner of the cool company - saw the funny exchanges we had via email and decided to post them on the company blog!! too too funny!

i know that my parents are soo hoping i spelled things correctly . . . me too! :)

1 comment:

melimba said...

whoa! check out your new blog! aren't you a fancy pants!!! AWESOME!

and, totally read that article. SO funny. I loved it.