Thursday, March 31, 2011

last day

tomorrow is my last day working at J. Gordon Nichol & Company. 
it seems so surreal. i can't believe i am leaving. 

jamie and sarah and their kids are sooo incredible. they are the reason i have been able to come and live my dream out here. they are a crucial and vital part to the miracles and gratitude i have been feeling and experiencing. 

i wanted to do something to show how much i care. i found this quote and attempted to make a stitchery. love when i forget how long such things take. let's just say, sleep didn't really happen last night. nor will it soon tonight.

i am also making them a coupon for babysitting for 24 hours. :) hopefully they know just how treasured they are to me.


ellen said...

perfect gift.

Angela said...

love that quote. did you sew the muslin onto the border? how is it put together? it is way cute!