Wednesday, March 16, 2011

maple sugaring!

today - despite the rain and mud - i got into the back of a dark blue honda odyssey with mrs. jennie preece, and carter preece. the bench in front of us held the lovely cate preece, miss hanise, and the stunning sammy preece. front row included mr. mike preece and as co-captain, the rad ruby.

thanks to my incredible boss, i earn 4 hours a week off. which was the perfect amount of time for us to head up to turtle lane farm in north andover. it is a family owned operation - backed by the entire town of north andover. a few years ago, the family went to new hampshire to see a maple sugar farm in production. when they got home, one of the four daughters asked if they could tap their trees. and four years later, they are tapping 500 trees!!!

the mom and dad work full-time in other careers and the maple sugaring is a "hobby". who does that?!?! talk about fun fun fun!!

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melimba said...

good work! i love the pictures! you look great in that last one, em!

what a cool concept. good work on earning time to go too! booo yah!

remember how you come to hang out in like two minutes?!?