Saturday, March 26, 2011

next to normal!

this beautiful friday evening began as linda and i (soo speedily, yet legally) got to providence, rhode island from lexington, ma within an hour!! which is beyond shocking and a miracle. we met ct and brian at the union city brewery for some yummy dinner. so of course i had to take pictures of the food. i think it must just be an excuse i have - an excuse to take pictures and record the moments.

 love that ct falls asleep during dinner . . . oh wait - now awake =)

after we were stuffed, we had a speedy walk to the theater. so not a fan of spring not knowing it's here and it being freezing cold. i am determined it's spring and thus, wore only a cute jacket, not a warm one. blast. 

but soon enough we were at the beautiful providence performing arts center! we ream up to the rest rooms and i felt like jane austen walking up the stairs. so so beautiful.

we were here to see the incredible Next to Normal. ct and i had seen this musical in nyc. ct has seen it oodles of times, but brian and linda hadn't seen it yet. when i saw it in nyc, i sobbed and sobbed. during intermission, i was in almost hysterics. this time, i thought i would be a bit stronger. chuckle chuckle chuckle. not so much the case. i had forgotten to bring tissues, so grabbed a hand full of tissues from the rest room and was so so glad i had them.
i won't tell the story line. and there are some words that i cringe at. but the story is real. it is raw emotion. as we all thought and processed after the show, we talked about how so many of the hard hard things in life are based on fear. we fear pain, and thus, we hold on to dreams, and what we hoped life would look like, or a life that we think life is suppose to look like, and we create even harder moments and pain for ourselves. how often, if we just had the courage to accept and even embrace the broken moments, would we be filled with Light. 

this is the last song, Light:

We need some light.
First of all, we need some light.
You can't sit here in the dark.
And all alone, it's a sorry sight.
It's just you and me.
We'll live, you'll see.


Night after night,
We'd sit and wait for the morning light.
But we've waited far too long,
For all that's wrong to be made right.


Day after day,
Wishing all our cares away.
Trying to fight the things we feel,
But some hurts never heal.
Some ghost are never gone,
But we go on,
We still go on.

And you find some way to survive

And you find out you don't have to be happy at all,
To be happier alive.


Day after day,
Give me clouds, and rain and gray.
Give me pain, if that's what's real.

Henry and Natalie:

It's the price we pay to feel.

Dan and Diana:

The price of love is loss,


But still we pay.

Dan and Henry:

We love anyway.


And when the night has finally gone.
And when we see the new day dawn.
We'll wonder how we wandered for so long, so blind.
The wasted world we thought we knew,
The light will make it look brand new.


Let it
Let it
Let it
Let it
Let it
Shine, shine, shine.

Day after day (day after day),

We'll find the will to find our way.
Knowing that the darkest skies will someday see the sun.


When our long night is done,

Dan and Natalie:

There will be light.


(There will be light.
There will be light.)


There will be light.
When we open up our light.
Sons and daughters, husbands, wives.
Can fight that fight.
There will be light.
There will be light.
There will be light.
There will be light.

there were sooo soo many lines from the songs that i loved.  these are from another song:

We tried to give you a normal life. I realize now, I have no clue what that is.

I don't need a life that's normal
That's way too far away
But something next to normal
Would be okay
Yeah, something next to normal
That's the thing I'd like to try
Close enough to normal
To get by

soo soo many things i loved about the words, the concepts, the analogies, everything. 

i want to be apart of what frees people from the hurt and pain they live in. i want people to know there is so much more. i hate the pain that i know is real in the lives of the people i love, of people that have become family. i want to be a safe place where people know that i love them no matter what.

i am grateful i was with these people to see this show. tragically, the girl i asked to take our picture, wasn't too thrilled about it. so, a few attempts (and the fact that i had it set to the wrong setting . . a flash??!!).

 me making faces while ct sets the camera more effectively . .

linda brought us mini-cheese cakes for dessert.  what better way to share, than on the floor! we all took bites and voted on our favorites. lime wasn't in the top 4. but the dark chocolate, vanilla bean, raspberry, and mango were.

 and thus, it was a happy happy friday!!

ps ct had a meeting, but linda, brian, and i had a yummy yummy breakfast on our way home this morning in the sweet bistro 45 in north attleboro, ma. love it all!

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melimba said...

you go, girl!
love that you had such a great time. and, I totally need to see this play now.
quite the theme you have running in life right now, right? first with your women's conference topic and this play---good work.
looks like a fun weekend. Maybe we can top it when you come in TWO MINUTES!!?!? :)
love and love.