Saturday, March 19, 2011

stake relief society meeting

today was a beautiful stake relief society meeting. 
can i just tell you how much i already love people in the cambridge stake?? and how happy and excited i am to know and love more and more people?? i'm hoping that 10 years will be enough time to do so! (cuzz that's how long i would like to be here!)

although today was lovely, getting today was crazy. and of course it was because i was "getting" to present/teach/talk. note to self: when you visit teach a member of the stake relief society presidency, you are bound to get "invited" to share something sometime. so at least my turn is over and done with!!

i got to share some thoughts about "The Beauty of Broken Dreams: When Plan A Fails". i have had many thoughts about this topic, but in sharing thoughts with women who i don't know, and who are living broken lives on a variety of levels, made things more intense for me. 

thankfully, things and thoughts came together about 5 minutes before we began! and i love the Bible Dictionary definition of Prayer on a new level, and love Sarah, Abraham, and Issac on new levels as well. 

because this is the first time i have spoken without family a wonderful friend video taped it all for me!!! i know, she gets the greatest friend in the world award!! if it ever imports for me, i'll share the video - for all those who are crazy and stuck in their houses in alaska (em, i think you would be the only one desperate enough to watch it!). 

here is a before shot. 

i didn't pass out. and no one seemed to storm out of the room. so i feel like it was a success!! :) honestly, i love the chances i have to prepare. i selfishly love what i learn while preparing and sharing what i have learned, and then gathering from those around me.  so hooray!

i think i uploaded the videos to youtub??!!
and this is after the lesson. dearest sister lynn is the sister of a former roommate. how i LOVe that she is here in the boston stake. and now, just need her in myward!!

i got home, changed clothes, and went with some friends to look for furniture. random, but mr. brian rich is moving into his own place in two weeks and needed a couch. blessed west elm. he had told me about the really cool pallette's they had displayed and amen, they were pretty awesome. i took lots of pictures so that perhaps we could replicate it . . . not only in his apartment . . . BUT IN MINE!!!!

yup, i signed lease papers this past week for my own apartment!! i can't wait!! i will move in middle of may. mom is coming to help me get organized!!! happy happy things are happening and i feel like pinching myself to make sure it's all real!!

here are a few pictures . . .

now i'm off to bed. will get up early early to prepare for a sunday school lesson tomorrow, and be ready for a trek meeting at 7 am, then get to church early to cut fruit and veggies for the linger longer . . . and then . . . SLEEP!! sweet dreams. :)


Seriously... said...

Emily...just wanted to say hi (it's me...kendra nieman). i've been loving hearing about all your adventures in boston! My brother dave and sister in law jessica live in should look them up!!!

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

emily snyder, I MISS YOU. I wish I could see you everyday like I could at Geneva. I was so honored to have such a privilege at the time and would do anything to get that privilege back! You are such an incredible INCREDIBLE woman. One of my heroes, for SURE. Thank you for being my friend:) Seriously. :) You are amazing.

Kris said...

I love reading your blog! I must admit, your life seems charmed (even though it is going different directions than the original plan!) and so adventurous. My big adventure this week was to buy cabinet knobs at Anthropologie! tee hee

lyndsey said...

You have your own place? That's awesome. I totally dig the bathroom.

Laura said...

Em, I am so excited that you are going to have your own place!!! It looks fabulous by the way. I can't wait to come see it in person soon. West Elm is so fun isn't it? You really took a leap going to Boston, and it has proven wonderful. You are amazing!