Monday, April 11, 2011

birthday becca!

april 12th is a great great day in my life. 
on this day, 23 years ago, my life changed. 

we were at the barber's house. when my mom and dad ran to the hospital, me and jesse and melissa were picked up by "aunt" kathy. maybe because it was just a night of waiting for us, the grover kids came over to keep us company. so it was the barber kids, the snyder kids, and the grover kids all awaiting the news of what the baby was. maybe ultra sounds weren't available yet, i can't remember. 

but what i do remember is that we were watching the wonder years and they were up on a billboard for some reason. and then the show with tony stanza came on. when we got the call that we had a new little sister, jesse was so disappointed, he kind of threw a tantrum of sorts. in order to distract him, kathy threw us all in the van - i think lots of us were sitting on the floor - and went to get ice cream cones. it was so past bed time and jesse wanted thrifty ice cream, not just plain vanilla from mcdonald's. because it was so late, we didn't go to thrifty, or it was closed or something. so jesse had a hard hard night.

since then, he has definitely changed his tune, and personally, that night, 23 years ago was one of the greatest moments because becca was born. 

an now i am crying. 
just thinking about who i am because of her. how i have become so much of what i want to be because of becca. i am soo glad that there is a day to celebrate her birth, her life, and all that she is. 

becca inspires me. she has a style and courage and passion for life, and creating that continually reminds me to stretch and become a bit more. i bought a beautiful ring with birds on it because i thought it was something i thought becca would have bought. i try to wear more colors and am more flexible and creative with the patterns in my clothing because i feel like becca is. if becca loves a musician, i buy their albums and love them too. when becca compliments my teaching or thoughts that i have, i feel deeply and completely humbled because i know that she is doesn't say things just to make me feel good. she is specific in her praise and has reasons why i deserve the compliment. 

becca creates beauty every where she is. whether it's with food, or paper, or decorating, or clothing, or loving friendships, she creates beauty. she is very aware of people's needs and wants and assists and gives so much of her life and time in lightening others loads. she read chapters and chapters of a book to me when i had thyroid surgery. i couldn't sit in a way to even read, so becca just laid by me and read and read. she knows how much i love stories and took care of me in a way that i hadn't even thought of. 

nice. totally crying now. 
she doesn't let her own feelings and pain get in the way of others moments. when i had to speak at byu women's conference last year, she allowed me to stay focused and waiting to share some heart breaking news with our family until after the talk. i still can't get over this. because i really don't think i could have ever done this. 

rebecca is one of the most wonderful, incredible, powerful, building people i know. and i am constantly amazed and in awe that i get to have her as my sister. so happy happy happy birthday dear becca. i love you so so much.

ps wanna see just how wonderful she is??


Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

I too love thrifty ice cream and becca.

Hoggey Bears said...

So so so so true. Wonderful post.

Laura said...

I remember that night! I remember Jesse's response and the ice cream. Becca is such a doll. I hope she had a great day!

melimba said...

love this tribute.
good work.