Sunday, April 3, 2011

general conference april 2011

in music and the spoken word this morning, Clayton Christensen was quoted. they commented that as a published author and harvard business professor, he has stated that the measure stick of his success is his personal influence in personal lives. and the reality is that, all who know him, know that this is truly his measure of success. he cares about the individual. he cares about each one he comes in contact with. he wants to share the love of the Lord in every interaction he has. 

this morning is the sunday morning session of general conference. i get to be in san antonio, texas with aaron and melissa and sweet tillie and cal. it is soo wonderful to be with family for conference. lots of thoughts have been going through my mind. when i get back to boston, i will be starting my new job with clayton christensen. it is a new chapter of life. it was surreal and sad to leave work on friday. but am thrilled that the sweet friendship with the nichol's will continue for many many years to come. i am soo glad to be with my sister and her family in a little "break" of daily life and be physically and mentally ready to begin this new chapter. i get to just be. and with conference, i get to have "doctrine diamonds" to remind me of who and what i want to be.

president uchtdorf:
saul's conversion. i love the story of saul. i love that the people

elder paul v. johnson: 
the only way to see the vista is to continue the climb
marvelous blessings on the heels of great trials.
"can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us" - how?? how does Christ strengthen us. 

bishop burton:
needs and wants
"will this buy me bread?"
must be fully invested in helping others - if we are to receive eternal life.

sister allred:
i sooo love her. i love her love and energy and devotion to Relief Society work and the sisters. she desperately wants the sisters to become and be all that they possibly can. she has seen first hand the compassion and consistent care to broken lives and homes.

elder david a. bednar:
light is there, even though it looks and seems like a light-less day; just like when the sky is overcast .. . the sun is there, we just may not be aware . . 

"have you done any good in the world today?"
i think i need to re-evaluate my priorities of helping lives. and what i make important in my day . . . 
- oh what just happened before the choir sang??! what was so funny??

president monson:
sacrifice for temple worship. why so willing to give so much to attend the temple?? am i valuing the temple in such a way? am i making temple worship a priority in my time and my heart? am i choosing to believe and understand the temple blessings?

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