Sunday, April 24, 2011

hbs :)

i just finished my second week at hbs.
although i didn't take pictures of this past week - my first solo week - i did document my week with lisa.

we'll go backwards. because i definitely felt a bit backwards last week trying to do things without lisa holding my hand!

 this guy prepared and sang and farewell song for lisa!

 one of lisa's former coworkers
 the lovely christensen's

 lisa and the man that knows everything!! professor willy shih!
 it's official. i am a harvard employee
 lisa and the forum boys - they take care of the other parts of clay's life
 maybe this is blurry of us because that's how we felt?!?!
 the groupies

 lisa cleared out her inbox and mine in rapidly filling up!!
 our salvation bunny! it was a big day when we cracked open this little guy's head to partake!

here we go!! the new adventure begins!

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