Saturday, April 9, 2011


oh the joy. oh the bliss!
i get to be with miss! - hehe. pathetic rhyme, but, it's as good as it gets from me.

i'll write more - love how i say this ALL the time - but this is what boston looked like april 1st - the day i flew to texas and into the 90 degree weather! craziness!

note. i obviously loved the gray linen pants last week. and i do realize that i am wearing the exact same outfit when we went to boerne, and at sea world. no, they were not the same days. ahhh, the joy of not knowing anyone i was seeing. and, i honestly may have finally arrived to where i don't really care what i am wearing?? well, at least i am a lot closer to that point. 

another note. this picture of me and miss makes me realize just how much a like we look. i LOVE it!!


melimba said...

good girl. i knew you'd post soon! :)
thanks for the fun. I loved it. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

love you.
enjoy that snow!!!

Rebecca Snyder said...

awesome post. glad to see the kidlets. Uber jealous, but I get to see them tomorrow, so I guess it's ok. I am applying to Boston intern stuff right now. Woot woot.