Monday, May 16, 2011

happy birthday dearest lizzzzy!

i remember this day, 15 years ago so vividly. maybe it's because i was in charge of getting everyone to church on time. and as soon as sacrament meeting was over, most of the ward followed me out to the foyer to call the hospital (obviously pre-cell phone days. dang, liz. that makes you OLD!). mom and dad had woken me up that sunday morning telling me they were off to the hospital - mom's water had broken. i was kind of freaking out!!

i was a senior in high school. it was 10 days before graduation, and i a new little sister was on her way!!

as we crowded around the phone, i just remember thinking that the whole ward felt like this baby was theirs. we had discussed names to call this new addition to the snyder family. but we decided to do what we did with becca - wait to finalize the decision until we had met her. we knew we wanted to call the baby "libby" if we thought she looked like an elizabeth. obviously, that was the name we decided was her fit - i can't even think of what the other names were . . . maybe hannah?? we tried soo hard to have "libby" fit. but it just felt wrong. from day one, it's been lizzy!

and can we talk about how long we knew we needed lizzy in our family?? i remember a number of times sitting in our house in california - between the ages of 10-14 - and feeling a definitely knowledge that someone in our family was missing. often times, i would look around and count the family members in the room to makes sure i wasn't going crazy. but even after i mentally knew that we were all there, in the same room even, i knew that we were missing someone. 

and goodness gracious. i don't even know what the snyder family would be without "little lizzzy", "lizbert", "bertie-baby" . . .  life would be empty. 

i have told lizzy over and over again how she is who i wanted to be in my life. period. she is beautiful, fashionable, hilarious, smart, creative, sooo amazing with children, yet fits in with anyone. she is the most beautiful dancer i have ever seen. and yet, she is mature and aware of others and in tune to the spiritual realities of life. i miss this woman like crazy and hope she knows that i STILL want to be her when i grow up. 

happy happy birthday lizbert!!

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aaron said...

love this tribute. you are good at these.
and, i guess it helps that Lizzy is so great.

can't wait to talk to you in REAL life about your NEW pad!
love you! PICTURES ASAP!!!