Monday, May 16, 2011

moving day

friday the thirteenth. not the wisest day to make a move. pretty much on my own. and gather furniture. not. so. smart. 

but i did. and thanks to some fabulous friends i am settled into my OWN PLACE!! oh, but first, can i tell you how much i love this girl?? how do i know her? let me explain. 
many moons ago, i got to teach institute for a byu stake. loved it. soo soo much. i learned more than i think i have ever learned in a year. and i feel like the class was special for everyone involved. fast forward a year or so after i taught, and i am at a singles conference in boston. sitting at my table is a guy who was in class! crazy. we became friends. and as he was teaching for teach for america in philadelphia, we emailed, etc. fast forward again. i now am living in boston, and in need of some friends, so i go visit the guy in philadelphia. one of his dearest friends lets me stay at her place for the weekend . . . and the rest is history. danelle is a woman after my own heart. it was so great to get to have real, solid conversations with a dear girl friend. she loves the church more than life itself and i called ben (the philly friend) to thank him for having danelle in his life so that she could be in mine. she endured quite the adventurous thursday day and here we are enjoying our dessert first as we explore a bit of harvard square. 

and danelle was the champ all weekend as i had to move. boring for her. but Godsend for me. we committed to another real boston vacation asap! (and of course these pictures are backwards. sorry.)

 it's soo popcorn popping on the apricot tree. this is a tree and bench i pass each morning into work. the stairs in the background is where i enter the building. i just thought it was so beautiful this morning with all the blossoms that had fallen. i have mentioned that i heart new england??
 saturday night, as i was putting things away, ct came and played live music for me. love it!
 i'm eating frosted mini-wheats with strawberries late at night . . . just because I CAN!!! i have my own milk, my own bowls, my own strawberries, own cereal, own sink, my own knife .. . oh the joys!
 friday night sleep over! this was taken at about 1:30 am i think. we were so tired. danelle almost slept on the couch in her clothes - yup, what a good friend i am. i wear out my visitor's - my very first visitor! when i rearranged the blankets for her, she got cold, so decided a bed would be better. i am standing at the door way. the mess of everything is sitting on the box springs of a queen bed. the air mattress is at the foot of the queen box spring, and laying perpendicular. not that this makes any sense, but miss wanted some attempt of getting the lay of the apartment . .
this is the "creepy white van with no windows" that was my best friend on friday. i picked her up at 9 AM and didn't return her until 1:00 AM. blessed harvard perks that made this lovely just $64.00 for the entire day. Oh, plus $40 gas. whatever. well worth it i think. if nothing else, just to get to pick danelle up from the temple in the "creepy white van!"
 oh yep, this was the final load. should have taken pictures of the three previous ones!!
 don't know. so don't ask. must have been on one of my power loads from the van . . 
so this is when you know you have a great great friend. ct not only waited in norwood for me to come pick up the couch, table, etc. and helped load the van, then helped unload the van. but on thursday night, he made homemade pesto and hummus. he then packed a cooler with all the things he would need to make me the yummy pesto sandwiches he knows i love - including plates, and silverware, and knives, and tomatoes, and onions, and dark chocolate and peanut butter!! yup, talk about one of the luckiest girls in the world!
 cute table . .
. .  and soo cute ironing board, i know!! and yes, check out the little bird house on the ground. and the cool cubby thing in other pictures. i found them at a store i am smitten with - salvage chic. oh boy, so worth the forever long trip to pembroke, ma.

 the feast! and danelle being awesome.

 home sweet empty home.
mama sent many boxes of some things i wanted from utah. and of course, she wrote a love note in the box!!
 and the blessed pesto!!

 i'll take more picture this weekend - when mama comes to help me get organized and decorate!! hip hip hooray, i can hardly wait!!


Carrie said...

Hi Em, I check your blog occasionally. It is fun to read about your adventures! I had to comment this time because of the pictures of CT. Will you tell him hi from me? He was great friend of ours durning grad school, but I lost track of him after he left NYC. It looks like you are doing awesome, and I hope CT is too!

Brooke said...

I am SO happy for you to have your own place. It is a wonderful feeling. I want to come play with you!!! Maybe the Fall? I've always wanted to see an autumn New England?

sarah said...

Congrats on your move! How wonderful to have your own place and even more wonderful to have dear friends!!!

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

yay for happy moves!

i miss you my friend! this place just isn't the same without you! melissa gives me little em updates... but it's not enough. what would be? i SO wish someone else would eat all the m&m's with me... alas, it's just me. whole costco bag.