Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my apartment

my sister, melissa, has been so patient in waiting for updated pictures of the new place. 
unfortunately, mom and i worked so much this past weekend (she flew in thursday night and left early yesterday morning - she is soo wonderful), that we spaced taking pictures. we were so sad that we didn't do before pictures. because - whoa mama - it was a mess!

mom walking out of the front of the building. love the character the broken cement at the stairs, and the old newspapers add . . :)
 friday night dinner at the yummy and massive blue ribbon bbq just down the street (and next door to a yummy bakery!)

mom isn't too happy as she is talking with dad. why are we sitting on the front steps you ask?? oh maybe because i might have locked us out of the apartment and we are waiting for the firemen - YUP, the FIREMEN to show up in their fire truck and save us!

sunday night, the Christensen's had a farewell dinner for lisa, the former assistant. talk about beautiful and YUMMY

 monday night was dinner with the preece's. i soo love them!

and tuesday morning, before the tears at the airport, here is the apartment!

 mom put together this beautiful ikea dresser ALL BY HERSELF!!! wow. wow. wow. 

now my job is to really organize the cupboards and closets. and make it my home. BUT the door is always open for guests, so let me know when to book your reservation for the air mattress!! :)


ellen said...

I've got 3 words for you: hide a key!

Can't wait to see your new place!

Grey Sky Blue said...

Love it Em! Happy, Happy, Happy!

Molly said...

Can I still have the air mattress on June 25 & 26?

I'm so excited to see you!

melimba said...

i love it! SO happy you posted the pictures! it all makes SO much more sense seeing the layout! You've got so much room! and I love the new furniture! and the dresser! and the bedspread! it's all great.
good work, team!!!
love you.