Wednesday, June 8, 2011


wow. does the state of my blog reflect the state of my life? yes. 
very much yes.
i am tired. very tired these days. 
but good tired. and grateful tired. so my apologies. 

these first two are from the night of hector's birthday. i will need to update some wonderful pictures hector has taken of our group-troup. this night it was just brian, me, hector, and his sister steph who headed to the North End - aka Little Italy - to find something wonderful to eat! And we did!

but not until after we met a fun family on the T who had never been to boston and had never been on a subway. brian put on his tour guide hat and gave this little family a little tour of little italy and the government center. good times! then we wandered around and found a yummy bakery and then dinner at perfectly iconic boston italian locations. loved it! thank you hector for being born!

this past sunday, i was in charge of a ward dinner. lots of people. not enough food. lovely. good learning experience. and frustrating because i lessened the amounts that my mom so lovingly thought through. dang. oh well. lesson learned!! ALWAYS MAKE MORE THAN YOU THINK! but overall, i think people had a good time. we had a "bake off" and there were oodles of entries which was yummy and thrilling!!

and then because i have such incredible friends, they told me to go home and they would clean up!! soo nice!

 yes, this is me looking how i felt . . . done!

 this is my favorite. i was in clay's office working on something and when i walked out, this is what i saw . . . them looking at my desk and what i had done. they had no idea i could hear them. it was hilarious!!

and then last night, i had my first dinner party, by myself, at my own place!! i know - i am a big girl! :) again, wonderful friends helped bring things and it was yummy! not to mention it was sister steven's birthday. so even better!


while i had it "cleaned up" i thought i would take current pictures. can you tell what my life consists of?? work and my place. that's it. :) but i am motivated to get some spaces open for BECCA who will be living with me for a month starting next week - i am sooo excited!!

 table brian and i found on memorial day while antiquing. it is the future home of a tv. someday. 

 cute little coat hanger on my extra door . . . love it!
 i have been realizing why my mama loves to fold clothes, etc. you can make them look so beautiful! in the bathroom, i decided to put my "getting-ready stuff" in the closet and just have the towels to look clean and crisp. i put one of melissa's designs in there so that it didn't matter what towels were out, they would all match. 

 becca's future closet. yup, need to figure out what i am doing with the below bins. and thought that i would show how unperfect many of the spots are!

 the mirror was another memorial day find - LOVE it!!

 and i am so grateful for the free filing cabinet from jenn and kurt. perfect spot i think!

now i need your help: the following spots are places i need something. so what do i do here?? and what rugs do i find for the other spots??

happy boston life - i honestly LOVE it soo soo much!!


ellen said...

Cool apartment...

melimba said...

you go, girl!
i loved FINALLY seeing all these awesome pictures of your apartment!
It is even cuter than I imagined.
Also, you asked about opinions on what should go next to your dresser---nothing. I like it empty. It looks nice how it is, and makes your room look bigger if all the walls aren't filled with furniture---especially if it's nice and open by the doorway.

Maybe you could put a little gallery of frames there?

Anyway, good work. Loved seeing your update!!!

And, who got you that DARLING green apron?! ;)