Thursday, June 9, 2011


yesterday morning i realized that becca comes in just a few days!! i can't even begin to say how excited i am! as much as i love my familia and want them to experience my boston life with me, it's becca who i think would love it the most, so i can't wait for her to have her own boston moments!

since my thoughts while being in my apartment have been on where to put my things, i realized that i need to also think about where becca will put her things! so last night i did some reorganizing and consolidating.

this is the hall closet where she can hang things. i will bring up the lids to these bins and maybe we can create our own little dresser for her. actually, having a small bookshelf in here is probably the wisest thing for becca, and just for life . . . hmm .. .

 becca is one of - if not THE - best cook i know. i can anxious for her to teach me how to make good, simple food. i reorganized the kitchen with the bins i found in the hall closet (amazing, i know!)

 yeah, these lids to the pots and pans need help. the long chord for the microwave is there . . . 

and i even have room to fill!! and there is another cupboard by the fridge that is empty too!

becca, 5 more sleeps!


Rebecca Snyder said...

woot woot! looks good. the best cook you know? wow I better prove worthy of that. I also should probably start thinking about what I am going to pack because I have no idea. I haven't even started a pile or anything. oops.

melimba said...

awesome! keep those pictures coming! i love seeing these!
and, I'm so excited for you and becca.
you two better have DOUBLE the blog posts to capture it all for me.
okay? okay.