Sunday, July 31, 2011

i want this chair!

but i want it in a different fabric. like the one I found at jordan's furniture a few weeks ago. it's from the rowe and there is a collection by robin bruce . gorgeous!

in order to get over becca leaving me a few saturday's ago, i went furniture shopping. more like furniture gazing. i went south to ikea to get this secretary and hutch (which my most amazing friends helped me set up yesterday!!). i also went to jordan's furniture and fell in love with this chair. it was comfortable and classy and tall and a stunning statement. it's a mere $1000, so i may be saving for quite some time. 

i looked through a bunch of fabrics that i was in love with . . here are just a few . . .

someday. someday.

while i am sharing the beautiful chairs, can i share my love and complete affair i have having with the website - heaven. heaven. heaven. i have found the most inspiring images. it is a collection of images and you can "pin" them to make a virtual bulletin board. it's heavenly.

the reason i mention it is because my dearest mama offered to make me a quilt for my new home. she decided that it needs some of her love for me to always see. which you can only image the tears i cried when she said that. she gave me the assignment to find the quilt design i would like. i found a few, but am so indecisive about some of these decisions. one thing for decor determines so many others! i gave the designs to mom and said to do whatever she wanted, and same with the fabrics. she started working on things at a quilt retreat with some of my second mothers and just didn't like it.  so she decided to wait until i got home last week and have me check things out. she wasn't loving it, and had a feeling i wouldn't either. and i didn't. mom decided that it was very most important for me to love love the hug of a quilt. so she took me to a quilt store in st. george and then in alpine to find new fabrics for the quilt design we found together:

these are the fabrics we found for my quilt and i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am for it!!

i need to do an update of the new lay-out of my front room and the trip to utah last week. i'll get on it asap!!

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