Tuesday, July 19, 2011

still here

promise. i am still here. and still alive.
just wishing for more moments in the day. what else is new, right??

it has been an incredible past month!! becca has been here and it has been a dream. 
yesterday when i woke up for work, it was so weird not to have her here. sunday morning, when i woke up for church, it was so lonely getting ready and driving by myself. yesterday after work, it was sad driving home by myself and not having someone to talk about and plan dinner with. the apartment feels too big. blah. 

maybe i'll update more sometime, maybe i won't. at the rate i am going, most likely not. :)
work is wonderful, and wonderfully busy. 12 hour days are the norm, with 9 hour days feeling like a breeze. thus, priorities are shifting a bit and the blog has been sadly forgotten. 

 duck tours :)

 remember how i got to speak at efy?? july 4-6th i was playing in missouri with great kids and fun teachers!
by wednesday afternoon, we were tired!! so i let them take a 2 minute nap. haha. love it.

one of the GREATEST things about going to missouri was matching up with BROOKE!! brooke and devon and i were counselors together way back in the days of efy. they live 3 hours away in willard (where devon was just called to be bishop!) after driving for 2 days back from florida, they got up at 6 am and came to spend the day with me!! AND they and their perfectly lovely kids sat through the entire day of me teaching!! talk about the truest of friends. the only problem is that it was such a teaser - not enough time. we have emphatically decided that we CAN NOT go another 7 years with out seeing each other again. 

remember that show gilmore girls?? remember how it was based on towns in connecticut?? remember how connecticut is just a few moments away from us?? remember how lori lai (??) drives a jeep? becca and i so remember all these things and thus, we had our own gilmore girls weekend - complete with a rented jeep (which i was in love with in many many ways and am seriously looking to trade in my little rav4)

 we found a perfect gazebo and many many great stars hollow spots!!

okay - i can't figure out how to move these pictures. these have nothing to do with the stars hollow trip, but have everything to do with the attempted walden pond trip with sarah jane and brian. sarah jane is becca's great, great friend. she came to play with us for a few days!! soo fun! on sunday, we tried to take a picnic to walden pond. tragically, so did the rest of boston and it was too crowded. thankfully brian is the master tour guide and led us to the old north bridge in concord. becca brought some thoreau to read to us and it was an absolutely perfect afternoon!!

okay, back to stars hollow/gilmore girls!

 yes, we totally found a jeep in the town of washington which is the actual town the show was based off - it was pretty darn cool!!

 now the rest of these are just random moments of heavenly moments with becca. i get to race HOME for a quick trip to play with the fam. i am sooo excited. there isn't really time to be with everyone i love, so please just know that i love you! and i might update more later. :)


ellen said...

busy, busy, busy!

Angela said...

so glad you are alive! my husband drives the jeep pictured-- or close to it. it's the red rock crystal color (brick red) 4 door rubicon. so fun for adventure.

Emily said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE that you did a Gilmore Girls trip! LOVE YOU!