Sunday, August 7, 2011

33 years old

i can't believe that i am 33 years old. it's crazy to think about where i was just a few years ago. physically and emotionally. i was in a good, and happy place. but boston wasn't even on my radar. it blows my mind just how much life can change. 

and the way i celebrated my birthday was almost completely opposite:
  • 30 years of friendship = party with everyone i could think of
  • 33 years of moments/friendships = a day by myself (i had a number of dear friends who invited me to do things, or to have a party, but i chose to do my own thing!)
but the girls at work made it a beautiful day, as did my family, and leah!

 this is an honorary team member - chris. we love him. and he loves our treats! :)

 gorgeous flowers from my mama and dad!!
 beautiful flowers from leah!!

 the balloons, the homemade cookies, the homemade chocolates, the flowers = loved it!

the official team 140 (that's the number of our little cubicle/office)

house updates:
dear friends helped put some things together for me last weekend. and this weekend, ben ure was here looking for jobs, places to live, etc. it was fabulously fun. and then he helped put together a chair and hang a real curtain  rod in the living room (the spring rod one was sagging. talk about ghetto!)

and don't remember if i already posted this. and the girls might punch me. but lizzy did our toenails while we were all together. and i just thought they were soo fun! including miss tillie mae's!!


Renee Hill said...

Happy birthday!! You go girl!! Miss you but glad to hear you are doing so well.

Love ya,

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Emily!! Hope it was as extraordinary as you are! Have I told you that I miss you girl? You are a rock star!

melimba said...

"The girls might punch me?" what?! Have we ever punched you?? Great pics. Glad it was a good birthday. Love all the fun. Good work.

lyndsey said...

Happy Happy Birthday! (over a month ago :(...)Can I say how great it would be to just kinda celebrate by yourself some times??? I am loving your apartment. great furniture, great style. You look so happy. I am so happy for you. You couldn't be more beautiful.