Thursday, September 29, 2011

in love

every once in a while, i come across and item that it truly beautiful and makes me very happy. 

and these are one such item. i wear them often so that i can train my feet to feel extremely happy in them. they don't quite love being in these shoes for long periods of time, or long walks. but i do feel beautiful in them, so baby steps. literally. 

ps maybe this is the trick to becoming better at bloggin . . . little random thoughts along the way . . . not just massive dumpings of events.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

not so good

ya know the moments that you realize and i guess admit part of your personality that you don't want to admit? like how much i really just want to eat homemade baked goods and that i never should eat store bought ones because they aren't good? or don't like reading non-fiction - no matter how much i want to be someone that does, i'm not. or how i like order, but not strictly.

cheese . . . sorry the pics are backwards in time . . . but becc, i wrote about them just for you (she doesn't love that i just dump pictures and don't explain . . . i'm trying)

 buchart gardens . . . so beautiful
 the christensen family karaoke night was amazing thanks in part to michael's enthusiastic singing/performing
 what we thought would be the highlight . . .was a bit of a disappointment . . . our burly loggers weren't so burly!

 oh how we loved playing with "baby clay" on the train - and every other minute we could!!
 yeee haa!!
 one of the many glaciers. it's so thick and the ice is blue in many places . . . not white!

 bundling up at taku lodge. the salmon fest was divine. clay's jacket is the "jordan river yacht club" LOVE it! :)
 this was out little float plane!

 gotta love the few of quaint towns from the float plane!
 i think becc and i are getting good at this pose
 walking aboard . .  so surreal
 lunch our first few moments of the cruise!
moral of the story, i have admitted that i am not good at this blogging thing. and although i mostly update it so that my family can see what my life looks like in this world of mine. and especially since i got back from alaska . . . did you even know i went? nope - because i haven't written ANYTHING!

it was a fabulously relaxing and dream week.

and when i got back, my first semester helping at HBS (harvard business school) began. oh goodness, gracious . . . life is crazier than before. i spend the vast majority of my time here on campus. every once in a while, i head home to sleep, eat, and figure out what to wear for the next day. thank goodness i think that my boss is one if, if not THE most wonderful boss (well, does my dad count??) . . . okay now that i think about, i have had the most remarkable bosses . . . mr. parkes and geneva, sister beck, jamie nichol, clay. wow. "i must have done something good" to get to be with such people.