Tuesday, September 27, 2011

not so good

ya know the moments that you realize and i guess admit part of your personality that you don't want to admit? like how much i really just want to eat homemade baked goods and that i never should eat store bought ones because they aren't good? or don't like reading non-fiction - no matter how much i want to be someone that does, i'm not. or how i like order, but not strictly.

cheese . . . sorry the pics are backwards in time . . . but becc, i wrote about them just for you (she doesn't love that i just dump pictures and don't explain . . . i'm trying)

 buchart gardens . . . so beautiful
 the christensen family karaoke night was amazing thanks in part to michael's enthusiastic singing/performing
 what we thought would be the highlight . . .was a bit of a disappointment . . . our burly loggers weren't so burly!

 oh how we loved playing with "baby clay" on the train - and every other minute we could!!
 yeee haa!!
 one of the many glaciers. it's so thick and the ice is blue in many places . . . not white!

 bundling up at taku lodge. the salmon fest was divine. clay's jacket is the "jordan river yacht club" LOVE it! :)
 this was out little float plane!

 gotta love the few of quaint towns from the float plane!
 i think becc and i are getting good at this pose
 walking aboard . .  so surreal
 lunch our first few moments of the cruise!
moral of the story, i have admitted that i am not good at this blogging thing. and although i mostly update it so that my family can see what my life looks like in this world of mine. and especially since i got back from alaska . . . did you even know i went? nope - because i haven't written ANYTHING!

it was a fabulously relaxing and dream week.

and when i got back, my first semester helping at HBS (harvard business school) began. oh goodness, gracious . . . life is crazier than before. i spend the vast majority of my time here on campus. every once in a while, i head home to sleep, eat, and figure out what to wear for the next day. thank goodness i think that my boss is one if, if not THE most wonderful boss (well, does my dad count??) . . . okay now that i think about, i have had the most remarkable bosses . . . mr. parkes and geneva, sister beck, jamie nichol, clay. wow. "i must have done something good" to get to be with such people.

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melimba said...

GOOD GIRL! loved all the pictures!!
and the captions too!? AMAZING. consider me proud.
love you.

p.s. yes, you've had good bosses, but you are pretty great yourself. just sayin'...