Wednesday, October 26, 2011

working from home

 YUP, i am. working from home today!
all fall i have been wanting a day to work from home in my sweats and b-ball hat. and this morning, i decided that today was that day! i brought home a lot of work to try to work last night. i left work at about 2:30 pm yesterday to run an errand for clay and christine. but traffic was so crazy that it took my until 6 to get home. so, didn't do much work last night. thus, perfect reason why i needed to stay home and work. 

and let me tell you, i am doing lots! just look at all the things i am literally checking off my list - or tossing from my piles!

and just because they made me laugh . . . my niece and nephew and i playing with photobooth a few months ago. i got to do i chat with them this morning and i am soo excited to see them at Christmas!! you can watch as tillie slowly gets the fun of what we were doing . . . her and cal's smiles are precious and priceless!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

thank you miss chalk

if you don't know how much i love miss chalk, you probably don't know me very well. so many thing i love about life have been introduced to me by dear miss. wow. as i write that, i am realizing just how very very true this is. gospel pondering and insights, musicals, nyc, baking, singing in the car, dancing in the car, zigs (okay that one we shared), birthday surprises at the door, being okay to be domestic, wow . . . soo many things.

i knew that this friendship was going to be seriously life changing when we were on a plane to somewhere the summer of '98. either new york, or san antonio, or who knows. but i think eric hansen was listening to the kids radio station via the airplane radio. i am sure he was making fun of songs. miss and i started listening and we both knew the songs! then we started into reminiscing about disney movies we loved . . . when she knew and loved Polly (the black Pollyanan) and Parent Trap III: Hawaiian Honeymoon , i knew we were friends for life. 

because miss is the queen of musicals (and hosts a Tony award party every year), she knows what is going to be showing in new york probably before most of the theaters do! last year, miss let me know that Newsies would be coming to town. talk about joys of joys!! i was so excited! i feel like i know this movie as well as i know legacy (kelley platt larsen .. . .can you still quote it??)

thanks to miss' info, i decided that i was going to see it. period. i have missed a number of things i have wanted to do out here, and i have decided that i owe it to myself to truly commit to do these things - i missed the ingrid michaelson concert and sara bareilles concerts this year. grr. 

so saturday, leah and a new friend melanie and i headed to new jersey to see Newsies!! it closes in nyc this week, but i am positive that it will go to broadway . . it was AMAZING!!! miss would have died laughing at me and i was singing along, and perma-grin the entire time. she laughs at me because sometimes i forget that what i am watching isn't reality. i am so into the show and then so sad when it ends. there were new songs and a few changes, but not disappointing changes. they honestly made things just as good, if not better. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! my favorite part is that Clay's PR guy also went because his grown daughters LOVED the movie and the songs growing up. it made me so happy. :)

added bonus was that leah and melanie were so good and we went to visit em and dox after the show!!! we walked across the brooklyn bridge, got pizza, and rice pudding, and then headed back to boston. it was a quick, quick trip, but i am sooooo glad i went. it was wonderful. AND i decided that i need em and dox a whole lot more . . . so here come more road trips.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

finally, it's fall

i am excited and thrilled and at peace and just plain full of joy that today is october 1st. i love fall with every ounce of my heart. and today is general conference. i have been looking forward to enjoying conference at my new house on my own. i don't think i have ever watched conference by myself. and it has already been a sweet experience. tomorrow i will head up to vermont to watch sunday sessions with some friends in sharon - joseph smith's birthplace. i am pretty excited about that too. 

but today is my perfect fall day. is is over cast, and rained yesterday, but no raining yet. the leaves have started changing and it's not cold, but chilly. all of these things equal pure happiness to me. 

so to celebrate, i went to my beloved wilson farms! this one place exemplifies why i love new england. it is beautiful beyond beautiful. and sweet. and communal. and makes me smile inside and out. 

i know that becca will be disappointed that i am not going to explain all of these, but i just took and took pictures so that the fam could get a feel about the magic of wilson's farms.

every saturday and sunday of october, from 10 am - 5 pm, they sell caramel apples and apple cider doughnuts that they make right there, outside. heaven. simply heaven.
 i have got to figure out how to post the right direction, but these are my purchases from the garden section. i went back to get bread, yummy cheese, chocolate milk, and then went back a third time because i forgot to grab their home made apple cider.

 one magical part of new england is that there are soo many different types of pumpkins!! "fairy tale" styles, italian syles, pink moon . . etc. i LOVE that they write the names on wood in paint . . . soo stinkin happy . .

their produce is gorgeous as well. i wish i cooked more and loved to cook more . . .well maybe i'm glad i don't . . i would spend sooo much money here!

wilson's always has a section - outside - with greenery items. these obviously aren't so green, but just as stunning. i want to have a house full of all of these. and at Christmas, it's just as wonderful with all the boughs of real greenery . . . 

more caramel apple info . . . preparing for the masses . . .

oh stunning, right!?

and this is the beloved sight when you drive in. this year, they made a WALL of pumpkins!! and i had to get a close up of this sweet couple . . . they made me happy!

sorry to make you jealous that you don't live here! i truly live a dream. 
i also pulled out my fall quilt and pillows that i made at home over Christmas. they are perfect with the pumpkins i got to decorate in my little house. but i need to make some large pillow cases for a few other pillows, then i'll take pictures. 

now i'm off to make  . . . 

 . . .  cookies and my mama's apple cake (with caramel sauce) to take to vermont. 
happy fall!!