Wednesday, October 26, 2011

working from home

 YUP, i am. working from home today!
all fall i have been wanting a day to work from home in my sweats and b-ball hat. and this morning, i decided that today was that day! i brought home a lot of work to try to work last night. i left work at about 2:30 pm yesterday to run an errand for clay and christine. but traffic was so crazy that it took my until 6 to get home. so, didn't do much work last night. thus, perfect reason why i needed to stay home and work. 

and let me tell you, i am doing lots! just look at all the things i am literally checking off my list - or tossing from my piles!

and just because they made me laugh . . . my niece and nephew and i playing with photobooth a few months ago. i got to do i chat with them this morning and i am soo excited to see them at Christmas!! you can watch as tillie slowly gets the fun of what we were doing . . . her and cal's smiles are precious and priceless!!

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