Monday, November 7, 2011

mom and dad!

mom and dad came to visit last weekend!! 
i can't tell you how excited i was to have them, and it was everything i hoped for and more. 

i love that my family are my bestest friends. i recognize that this is unique and that this isn't the case for everyone in the world. i am learning more and more about how conscious my parents were in raising us and creating a family that wants to be together. thus, it was a sweet and precious treat to get to be with them. 

i love that they are both doers and wanted to help me do my life. 
so we had fun, but got lots accomplished: apple picking, sleeping in, in charge of a ward lunch, stake conference, and many projects!

yes, start coveting . . . mama made the quilt on my wall!!!! it is sooo beautiful!!! and the little crate on the floor is from my all time favorite Red Apple Farm

 *** RED APPLE FARM insert ***

 can you tell how much i LOVE it?!?! :)

 Back to the projects: decor in the bathroom. some of you may recognize this amazing piece of work - it's from melissa's BFA show. i have three of them, but decided that one was needed here. i've got the others in a safe place. 

mom thought i should put family pictures up. what an NOVEL idea!! i have another frame that i got today, to put in the left top corner so that it is finished off, but it just makes me sooo stinking happy!! (as does my wooden ironing board. i use it all the time and so i knew i would want one that was part of the decor. and i must say, it's pretty wonderful.

 then, i have been trying and trying to figure out the best thing above my bed. with my picture of Christ on the side wall, it needed to be something simple, but that still spoke to my heart. blessed anthropology created the inspiration! mom and i were in there while dad was checking out new sunday shoes. we saw books on the wall with their pages curled into the binding (you know like what we would do when bored and teachers got so mad!?). i was soo excited! we decided to tack the old books i had bought at an antique store onto a board and then hang the board. it worked PERFECTLY!! i need to get a ribbon and make the pages lay flat, but it makes me happy to just think about it. and the books seem to represent me: a Louisa May Alcott, a children's book, a cook book (trying to be this), and a russian book. funny. although i don't do the russian thing, i realize more and more just how my mission and specific things that happened have completely shaped me.

although i painted this filing cabinet after mom and dad left, they inspired it and i did it just days after they left, so i think it still counts!

from pinterest, i saw an idea of hanging stitcheries in the hoops.  but then i realized i could just hang fabric - that matches my fall quilt on my bed. when i was telling mom about it, she thought it would be brilliant to turn them into little bulletin boards!!! so she brought some thin batting and we did it - oh, SHE did it! at first i didn't want the edges trimmed around the hoops, but they look fun and like ornaments. 

for an adventure this last weekend, i went to my favorite Robin's Egg in Milford, New Hampshire. it is always a dream to go. and i found this empty frame that i am going to move the hoops to be inside of. 

 AND .. . THE QUILT!!!!
Dad was soo good and helped hang it perfectly - Oh, i need to take pictures of the storage space dad and i organized too! but let's talk about how perfect this quilt is for me?!?! i love everything about it. i love that the colors are me - but a bit of a stretch from what i would normally do. i love the chevron pattern. but most importantly, i love that this is a very real hug from mom and dad every time i look at it. and if you notice, it is across from my couch, so i see it ALL THE TIME!!

have i mentioned that i LOVE my parents and i LOVE my home?!?! i soo do!

when i downloaded the pictures of my place, i realized that i have a BUNCH of others to update. goodness. so much to do, so little time. 

one thing that i am excited about, is a blog i started about my gospel thoughts. it is a stream of consciousness - makes no sense - spot for me to just record and figure out some of my thoughts. if there is anything good, i'll let you know (i love that i write this to my alpine moms. funny.)


ellen said...

I was visiting one of your neighbors tonight (CP) and almost knocked on your door when I left -- I should have! I need to see that beautiful quilt in person! Your apartment is SO cool!

melimba said...

very veryveryfun! i'm so glad you finally updated us with all these great projects you've been doing! awesome work!!
and i'm totally loving your book/headboard area. great idea!!
love you. great job.

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

Miss you and your fun fam!

Scoresbys said...

You are doing EVERYTHING right with your make-up. Come and give me a tutorial. Please. Thank you.