Wednesday, November 23, 2011


the weekend before Thanksgiving, me and the boys (CT, Brian, and Dallas), went to plymouth, massachusetts to experience the Thanksgiving parade and festivities at the famous plymouth rock. it was a very sweet weekend with some of my all time favorite people in the world.

ct is not sitting on THE rock  . . . keep looking . .

i have a feeling my mom will ask why in the world i am wearing this hat! ct said i had to wear it. for some reason he thinks i need to wear hats a lot. so, to make him happy, i obliged. it's his hat. pretty cool one though!

this is THE rock!

action shots. obviously ct was very into eating the popcorn!

this was one of my favorite pictures. i loved watching and listening to the boys talk and share and interact. we made cookies this night and just chilled in the kitchen talking, eating, and talking some more. a beautiful weekend when my heart was light and at peace. thank you treasured men of my life.

random fall scenes at HBS . . my home away from home . .

my beautiful and wonderful quilt from mama snyder. this is the back of it.  i am holding it up, but these are supposed to be books on bookshelves. just turn your head to the right and you will see it . .

in may, i promised brian that i would make him pillows for his new apartment. it is now november when they actually got done. here is the mess and the final products. i think it's safe to say that he was thrilled and LOVES them!

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melimba said...

why am I just now seeing these?
Awesome pictures. So glad you have some great people in your life to have some fun adventures with.

Great work!
and look at you, little seamstress!!