Wednesday, November 16, 2011


on sunday night, i didn't have anything going on. it was a pretty unique in that regard, bit was the dream i have had for so long - to have a chill, sweet sunday evening, after a real sunday dinner, and watching a warm fuzzy movie. 

i have decided to practice my cooking skills and start making a full meal on sundays - with dessert - from scratch. so last sunday i did my first pot roast! i thought i would just put it in the crock pot. but when i called mama snyder, i learned that i should brown it and then cook it in the oven in my "dutch oven" (aka large pot that can go on the stove top and the oven). i got up at 6:45 am to brown the roast before a meeting at church. i added the potatoes and carrots and onions just like i was told.

this is a fake picture . . . this is not what mine looked like, but same general idea
when i got home at about 2:00 pm, it smelled soo good. i made a homemade apple pie (why didn't i take pictures!?!) and corn muffins to go with the roast.i found a recipe online for the apple pie and bought all the ingredients so that i could use the apples i got with mom and dad, but when i started to make it, i noticed that it needed 4 hours to refrigerate - there was cream cheese. so plan B on sunday afternoon that i could do quick was a recipe that called for vegetable oil instead of butter or crisco and you mix it in the pie pan. easy! it wasn't my favorite crust, but pretty great for how quick and easy it was.

another fake picture, but my crust looked like this minus the cinnamon. that would have been yummy.

hmm . . and things were pretty darn yummy! i was thinking of having a handful of people over, but it ended up that only one friend could come. another came by later, so i was able to share my practicing. ;)

BUT the point of this, was to comment on the movie i started after the friends left. seabiscuit.

remember this movie? i started watching it and just before the horse has an accident, i turned it off thinking that the rider, "red", looses his sight (maybe thinking of wild hearts can't be broken and blind riders on horses . . .). so i stopped watching and went to bed. 

tonight i am soon going to bed, but finished watching the movie. i cried two different times. i love the beauty of the miracle. it doesn't matter what someone's breeding. it doesn't matter what they were "supposed" to be. it only matters what they are every second of every day. maybe this strikes me so much for two reasons: 
  1.  i spoke at a mini "efy" day this past weekend. i love looking into the faces of the youth and seeing who they are. seeing the joy and hope in their eyes. i don't know what they are like in "real" life. i just know what they are hoping and wanting right then. 
  2. i am realizing that i am getting to know myself on a new level. i spend most of my time alone. in my head working and going through things that only i am aware of - the masses of emails and "conversations" happening that no one else in my real world will ever know about. it's so different from teaching where everyone knows pretty much everything that i am doing. and then because i am so mentally spent most days, i have a hard time spending time with others, i am just too tried. consequently, i am learning more about myself and am more aware of why i am doing things and when i am not the person i want to be. today was i ornery and frustrated with so many people for various things - making what i felt were gross noises (coughing/nose/etc. without a cold . . you know??), not being friendly enough when i helped them, talking bad about people i value, etc. but i don't want to be that person. i want to keep trying and keep giving - just like seabiscuit and his rider. i can keep going. i can keep working on getting the additional good, good things into my life. 

and my favorite part, is that seabiscuit is real.  this is a picture of seabiscuit and charles howard (the owner). i think this man must have been a great man and a very caring one.

some of my friends have decided that november was going to be their "simplicty" month. it is a time to get back to the core desires and practicing better ways to do and be who they really are. i am learning what my simplicity looks like and it's the basics - good, healthy food; good, restful sleep; good, happy exercise. here's hoping i can get the balance down sooner than later!

ps here are a few pics of the latest happenings:

 dinner 2 weeks ago. the menu: maple glazed salmon, herb rice, green beans in peanut oil

ct and i headed to the matt kearney concert. sooo incredible. we loved what the lights were doing behind us!

ward dinner hosted by the welcoming committee (my calling - good practice for my dream job of wal-mart greeter). it was soups and desserts. it was the day before halloween and mom and dad were there to help!!

 good helpers . . .

my beautiful home away from home . . morgan hall on the harvard business school campus.
 me and my girlies - we were matching! and they were wearing their "conservative" outfits for mama and papa snyder :)

 me and dad at my desk
 me and mom at my desk (side note, the frames in the back have come down - whole story there to tell someday)

ward service project to help carve pumpkins for an fund raising event 
 these guys were not being very helpful in me capturing their work!

 a few of my creations . . . all free-hand if you couldn't tell!

the end! plymouth rock is this weekend's adventure - pictures to come soon!


ellen said...

Just so you're not disappointed...Plymouth Rock is about the size of a baked potato.

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