Wednesday, January 25, 2012

february resolution

is it too late to have a new year's resolution??
because i have decided that if i am going to have a blog, i darn well better use it and figure out why i have one. 

i love miss chalk's blog because she shares great gems and moments. i love my sister's blogs because i want to know what is happening in their world and it is a window into moments of their lives so far away. i was being really good at doing the same for them, but my posts seem to be thoughts and pictures. and those are separate concepts. so i think the goal of my blog is to share some of the things i am thinking about, AND also share events that are happening so that i remember some of the details. 

i won't stress about catching up because there is too much i feel like - Christmas in Utah, then Dallas, then Utah, and then St. John; Jesse weekend; Dallas weekend, etc. I'll just start with the Jesse weekend. 

jess was in nyc for a trade show he was working for. he was supposed to fly straight back to china after, but he was asked to do makeup for a photo shoot in puerto rico and extended his trip in the states for a bit. which meant, that he was able to take the bus from nyc to BOSTON to come play with me!
it was perfectly wonderful. we ate. we watched movies (new fan of son of rambow and goodnight, and good luck). we drove to the north shore. we listened to great music. we had some good talks. i cried some tears. we rearranged some of my furniture. we took pictures. we shopped. and it was truly one of the greatest few days of my life. i am trying to figure out a way for him to move here!

 pictures without the sunglasses were the goal on sunday. :)

 i asked for a smile, not just a dead face :)

 a port in rockport

 poor guy - he only had a sweater! he was freezing!

 photos for my jan/february decor of red and turqoise. someday i'll print these and display them

 hmm. the self-taken pictures don't work when you had been zooming in! but let's ooh and aahh over jesse's great beard! who would have thought that it would be RED!? and soo stinking thick!

 maybe we bought $50 worth of candy! okay, more like $35 because jess found me a great map. we were just like kids at the candy shop - who had money! 

 salem bookstore. 
i think it's a great town - i'm a little worried of trying to visit during october. so this was just perfect!

goodness, it was a sister's dream come true. i wrote jess a good-bye note and said that i have spent time with some pretty great and good men. but, jesse was more aware of the little things that i appreciate than anyone i have been with. i have a funny feeling it may be because we were raised the most similarly - we are the closest in age and mom and dad most likely parented us the same.

thanks, bud. can you come again?? jessica said you were her type, so you need to come again!!


melimba said...

great post! great brother and great sister! your blog can be whatever you feel like... that's the beauty of having it be your own. good work, girl.

Kris said...

OK, that very first picture looks just like your dad when we first got to know him in Kearns a bagillion years ago! Keep posting...