Saturday, February 11, 2012


i have come to grips with my new personality. i am officially a homebody. i love being home. i love working on my little projects. i love creating things for my little home. i texted miss chalk this morning to get her beef stew recipe, and realized just how much i have "changed."

when i lived with miss, over 10 years ago, i wasn't into cooking. i wasn't into being domestic. i was into lots of people in my life. lots of conversations. miss and i have often joked about one day, i came home and she asked where i had been. i had been on byu campus for 6 hours and went from person to person just being and talking with people. i came home happy and thrilled. 

maybe i have done a 180 in my life. or maybe, like the story of the currant bush, that part of my personality is being cut back to enhance and develop a different part of my heart and soul. or maybe i am just having a mid-life personality change! i am hoping and assuming the first. 

here are a few of the projects . . . 
i wanted some books to be the art work for above my bed. dad and i made this when they were here in october. i couldn't figure out what to do with the pages. brian was over one night so that i could do a little show and tell, and we started curling the pages into the middle, and it kept the other pages flat - which was the goal. 

i am spending the day quilting and sewing. last night i realized that i wanted a little personal folding table like one my mom and dad have. i went to costco first things this morning to find one (because ALL things of value are found at costco!). tragically they didn't have any. but there was a great guy who tried to help me find one. i went to traget for returns and thought i might as well try target. and blessedness, they had one! so here is my new sewing/quilting station! ironing board -- cutting board --bed for fabric holding -- and then the sewing machine is on the wall to the right of me/the picture. 

i feel like i am "growing up" and eating different foods that i have for a long time. my friend and i went to the symphony the other night and had thai food before. yum!

and we made cookies and homemade chocolate sauce. yum again!

when jess was here, we rearranged my furniture and moved the orange table to the wall that you see as you walk into the apartment and the bookshelf to the wall with my 2nd door.
at first i was worried if i would really like it, but i love it!!

this is the chalkboard contact paper i got. it's in the kitchen across from the sink/cupboards, etc. it's pretty fun to have people leave notes and messages.

on my last trip to the milford, new hampshire antique store, i saw a stack of a bunch of vintage dish cloths, and handkerchiefs. i thought it would be so cute to create kitchen curtains with them. as i looked through them, i realized that mom had a bunch of dish cloths. when i was home for Christmas, mom and i went through her hope chest and found these that she had stitched on when she was a teenager. it is a little piece of home in my home!

my little valentine's day display :) i got little valentine's at pottery barn kids when i bought my new off-white rug. and the cute place mats. the goal was to have cute red and pink candy in the blue bowl, but i knew i would just want to eat it if i had it. so . . . it's empty.

the moved bookshelf :)

more to do and more to come! but next weekend is president's day, so maybe more adventures. here are some pictures from last weekend's adventures in nyc with brian (we went to his parents' home in new jersey to help reorganize and decorate. too bad we didn't take pictures of what we did! but we got some good playing in the city time. 

dallas took us on a tour of brooklyn. we went to some beautiful spots including the greensburg cemetery. here there is a statute of Knowledge that is positioned so that she is waving to the Statue of Liberty! it's to represent that Liberty and Knowledge are sisters, but that France and US are sister nations as well.

one of the highlights was seeing em and dox and meeting TJ. i always love being with dall. AND he took us to his favorite four & twenty blackbirds. yum yum yum again!