Sunday, March 18, 2012

from the iPhone

just a few of the items from my iPhone.
did i mention that dad got us all iPhones for Christmas!??! who knew what a new and wonderful world it would be with them!?!

we'll start here - clay's new book is coming out may 15th! it's an extension of his award-winning article, "How Will You Measure Your Life?" and is what he teaches on the last day of class at HBS. this is one of his co-authors and a few of the advance copies we have sent out. it was cool to get to address them to people like jeb bush, malcolm gladwell, leader pelosi, etc. clay has some really cool friends! i got to address them and hope that someone will comment on how beautiful they look!

i am in love with the restaurant - Paramount. sooo stinking good. my friend, ben, made fun of me that i would get pancakes again since that is what i got last time. but when he tried them, he hushed up as he realized that they were just that good!!

i went on a little tour of the concord museum one saturday. it was lovely. this is thoreau's desk from walden pond. he never locked the door to his cabin. but he locked his desk. and from the look of things, he got into it a lot!

while in concord, i went to their cheese store! it's soo wonderful and beautiful! the cheese men and women certainly know what they are doing and let you taste lots of different cheeses. yum. yum. yum!

these are my mama's dish towels. she stitched the designs when she was a teenager. i decided to make them little curtain for my kitchen window. it took a few tries, but i love them.

 and while i was in concord, i just might have stopped at the quilt store. blast. how is it soo easy to spend sooo much!?!

i made YUMMY salmon and asparagus and potatoes one night. goodness, i cam craving it right now. i seared the salmon and then baked it in the oven for a few minutes. it was perfect

on a monday holiday - what was the last one? - i went to portland maine. it was kind of a bust. and definitely not what i was hoping. but i looked through the windows of this gallery and need to find out how much their works cost. i am looking for a watercolor of new england according to my heart. they had some good ones i think .

this is an icon spot that i happened to find. it's in lots of pictures. who knew!?

 yummy, yummy seafood!

this would be the quilt mom and i did at Christmas time and that she has soooo lovingly helped finished. i'll hopefully see it when i go home - tomorrow!

did i mention i am trying my hand at pie!! yup . .

 and they were even good!!

here are the pillows i finally made to coordinate with the quilt mama made for me! i LOVE them!

went to new jersey to help brian's parents organize and decorate their home. they have downsized from a 4-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom apartment. it's still a work in progress, but it is coming!

someday i will have a calligraphy store. i downloaded this to always have on had to practice lettering in down moments . .

bob slate is back!!! it's a beautiful stationery store that went out of business. i LOVED their little notebooks and i got some for the sisters. we were so sad when it closed. but someone brought it back in harvard square!!

clay is doing a lecture for university of phoenix. talk about a production!

 these are our PR peps. they make our world run and i think i talk with them almost more than clay!

yesterday i went maple sugaring!! soo cool and so fun. it was perfect weather and a great tour.

found these blue doors on this church. we stopped at an estate sale and i fell in love with these blue doors against the gray brick. beautiful.

kathy is a member of our ward who doesn't come too often. today she met me and we did a picnic with my friend ben. too bad he is mr. stubborn and wouldn't get in the pictures with us. but he did take some good shots of kathy and i. :)

i should be asleep. long day tomorrow. utah - here i come!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i have been thinking about new cars lately. my parents got a new car. boston has LOTS of rave's (that is my car). as much as i truly love it, the fun and novelty has worn off. 

i went to nyc last weekend with some friends and we talked about cars on the way back. somewhere on my dream list on here, i have some of my dream cars. but i would like to update this with current dream cars that i am thinking about:

volvo C30 - becca and i drove this type of car around PEI back in 2007 when we went out for the Anne of Green Gables 100 year anniversary. i loved it. and i am thinking of throwing practicality out the door and some day by something just fun!

subaru outback - this is what brian's parents just bought. it is truly beautiful. it's still ranked as one of the top cars in its class.

anyone have lots of money for me so that i can get one of these?? my heart wants something fun. so i want the volvo. any life sponsors out there?!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

soap box and deep thoughts.

don't ask me why, but i am watching the ending of the bachelor. i hated the way i started feeling about myself listening to that courtney say what she did about the other women. i think it's a reality that no one talked about - she was a jerk to all women. she is the girl we always hope doesn't really exist. and personally, she is the girl i truly didn't think did. she has as strengths all the things i feel are my weaknesses. so i started thinking that all that she was, was who i was supposed to be. 

that really freaked me out. i knew i was so wrong, but i could feel myself believing it. so i stopped watching the show. 

i was curious to see how things ended up. so i watched parts of the girls tell all, and the finale, and after the final rose. pretty nice to watch it all in 1 1/2 including the commercials during the buffering!

ben mentioned that courtney was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and there was instant attraction. i get that to a degree. sometimes i just hope that a man has learned to see a few other things that just physical appearance. i do believe there are those men. 

after ben ended things with linzie, i hate that she said that she was made at herself for not being what ben needed. wow. really? granted, in the past, i have DEFINITELY been and felt that same way. but i hope at this point in my life, when/if i am in that situation again, i hope i won't apologize for being me. i hope that i can be proud of what i am and know that he wasn't the best for me and that i wasn't the best for him. i want to be confident that God is a God of promises and that a man will want me just as much as i want him. 

on the same lines, i have been thinking about holes. i am stepping off my soap box and going to the deep  and personal thoughts. so feel free to stop reading. this is more for me. the famous dallas graham (below) wrote a poem/story about holes. the holes in our heart from people who have left. 

when he shared it this weekend, i have realized just how few people i have really let into my heart this past year and a half. after being completely and truly smashed, it is so much safer to just so this life thing alone. i don't know that i can handle the pain again. i don't know that i can handle re-opening again. 

but i am working on it. i am taking care of myself so that i am proud of me and who i am and who i am creating. i am working on my confidence that i am enough and i am lovable. baby steps. baby steps. baby steps. 

moral of the story: i don't want to be anything like courtney. i don't want men that want courtney's. i am okay with me.