Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i have been thinking about new cars lately. my parents got a new car. boston has LOTS of rave's (that is my car). as much as i truly love it, the fun and novelty has worn off. 

i went to nyc last weekend with some friends and we talked about cars on the way back. somewhere on my dream list on here, i have some of my dream cars. but i would like to update this with current dream cars that i am thinking about:

volvo C30 - becca and i drove this type of car around PEI back in 2007 when we went out for the Anne of Green Gables 100 year anniversary. i loved it. and i am thinking of throwing practicality out the door and some day by something just fun!

subaru outback - this is what brian's parents just bought. it is truly beautiful. it's still ranked as one of the top cars in its class.

anyone have lots of money for me so that i can get one of these?? my heart wants something fun. so i want the volvo. any life sponsors out there?!! :)

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ellen said...

My dream cars are the Honda Fit and Honda CRV. Pretty fancy. Wouldn't mind a sponsor either. :)