Friday, April 13, 2012

a day late!!

although this blog post is a day late,  i hope becca knows just how much i was thinking about her on her birthday!!

becca is 10 years younger than i am. which is pretty crazy to see her doing things that i did a decade ago. or to try to imagine myself 10 years ago doing what she is doing. i think it is pretty interesting that i didn't move out on my own (for real) until i was 32. She did it just this last year when she was 23!

 i love this picture of us. it's hanging in my room. i loved this from the salmon run in alaska!

 you can almost hear becca saying, "really, em??! we are walking on a boat and you are taking my picture?"

the romantic reading of thoreau's writings while at the old north bridge. next time we are reading "walden" at walden. 

more concord moments on the old north bridge and at louisa's house. 

i am slightly jealous that she gets to hang out with these crazy kiddos on a somewhat regular basis. i can only imagine how they love their auntie becca around to hang out!!

the farewell's at the dallas mall. this is soo great of both of them!

i just need to give a shout out to the dearest becca who is working her guts out and who is making a difference in the lives of those around her. i hope her co-workers know just how lucky they are!! i love you becc!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

someone to share

there are lots of random thoughts that sometimes i want to share with someone. with life being the race that it is, sometimes my fam and spend the evening just trying to match up to talk. so just to share, i'll throw the thoughts out here.

  • today is my 1 year "anniversary" working for Clayton Christensen. it's crazy that it's already been a full 365 days. never in a million years would i have imagined that this is what i would be when i moved to boston. it was Clay's birthday last week and i wrote 60 memories for his 60th birthday. it's insane all the things we have done in the past year. 
  • i have decided to train for a sprint triathlon. the girls at work and i are planning on doing one in september on cape cod. i am pretty excited. i just need the pool to figure out when it's open. last night was the 2nd time i had gone and it was closed. grr. but i ran instead. 4 miles - running a block and walking a block. 
  • a girl is doing an art exhibit about single mormon women. she has invited and taken photos of 25 women here. it was pretty cool to think through some of the thoughts. i'll add them here. here exhibit opens on Friday and she'll have a link i'll post. 
  • i was invited/assigned to speak at efy again this summer. this year they asked me to go to Cincinnati, OH and a BYU session. the BYU session freaks me out because i am not feeling as confident in my teaching abilities and BYU is huge. and it's intimidating. 
  • i get to address wedding announcements for some friends tonight. i can't wait! i am excited to see if i really like doing it before i try to create an etsy site to do it for real. a friend said that i could charge 75 cents to $1.50 for each envelope! all while watching a movie. :)
okay, i think that is all. thanks for letting me share!