Wednesday, May 30, 2012

jesse boy

i would hate to break tradition and post about a sibling's birthday ON the day of their birth. i prefer to have a few times to celebrate them and their life. :)

so today we celebrate jesse boy. just 6 days after his official birthday!

i went to salem this weekend and thought about my first time up there - with jesse. with jess, it was simple and fun and we explored shops i would never have gone to with out him. that is one of the greatest things i love about jesse - he teaches me new things about life. he teaches me perspectives and insights that i would never gain on my own. we had some good talks about our views on issues. i love that we can completely disagree about things, and yet respect one another's choices and thoughts. 

this was a fun moment at Tuck's Candies. we were like kids in the candy store and we had money! we bought lots of treats just because we could. maybe the fact that we were growing up as my parents were working so hard to make ends meet - and the clothes we bought were from the Target clearance rack (LONG before Target was cool) - we like to spend money. we like to splurge occasionally. and we did a bit at the candy store!

i think that is one thing that i have realized the most this year about my relationship with jesse - he is in all my growing up memories. because we are the closest in age, he and i have spent the most time together. whether it was watching cartoons saturday mornings, or fighting over chores, jess and i spent the most time together. which selfishly means he gets me. but hopefully it means i get him too. 

regardless . . . . i am beyond grateful for him and his life and the fact that i am so much more of who i want to be because of him. 

happy birthday jesse boy!!!

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