Thursday, May 17, 2012

sweet 16

not only a day late, but a few days late. 
but since it's the 16th and i want to give a shout out to the sweetest 16 year old this world has ever seen. she is beautiful outside and in. she is the best person i have ever seen with kids. she works harder than anyone i have met. she truly cares about the people around her. she is graceful. she is crazy. she has the cutest style. i tell her constantly that she is who i want to be when i grow up. 

sweet lizzy/lizbert/bert/bertie baby turned 16 on saturday, may 12th. from what i understand she had some sweet gatherings and celebrations. i just hope she knows how treasured she is not only in all of our lives, but in my especially. she is the other bookend with me for the snyder kids. melissa has decided that liz and i are extremely similar with our humor, interests, and needs. i personally love that and just hope she is okay with it!

deartest liz, i am soo grateful you were born. thank you for being such a sweet and precious part of my life. HAPPY b-lated Birthday!!!!

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melimba said...

loved this shout out.
love that crazy 16 year old!
great post.