Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new dreams

i am in a runt. i am needing some new things to get me excited about life. thus i am working on a new dream list. i feel like i am in a wonderful wonderful job and location. i don't want to change these in the slightest. i am just needing to find new things to be excited about . 

one thing i have thought a lot about is taking a harley davidson new riders class. it's 3 full days of learning how to ride a motor cycle. i think new england is the most beautiful place for drives and i am often longed to take rides on a motorcycle instead of a car. i looked up the classes and there are some july 24th-26th about an hour away in new hampshire. clay won't be in the office so i won't be ruining the schedule. i think it is going to be my birthday present to myself. i'll find a cute/fun spot to stay and make it a vacation! i am pretty pumped!

other dreams include:

grow my hair out a bit . .

tuscany working vacation where you harvest olives and make olive oil AND have cooking classes. yes  PLEASE!! 


ellen said...

Nice new dreams!

Camber said...

I approve!

melimba said...

hA! I love it. The motorcycle thing sounds scary to me... but I know you and dad share a love for all things Harley, so who am I to stop you!

I like the idea of you growing out your hair a bit. But, the thing is, you can pull off ANY hair style. Which is ridiculous and kind of unfair... :)

And, the Tuscany thing sounds awesome. Did you recently watch that movie with Diane Lane? or whatever her name is? Under the Tuscan Sun?