Tuesday, August 28, 2012

past moments

i was talking to becca after i got home from europe this past week. i was telling her about an experience i had at a design company, marimekko. she suggested that i write it up and share it. that such moments are most valuable if they can inspire others. i have thought about this a number of times since that conversation. i have thought about how one of the most beautiful parts of the mormon religion is that we do share. we gather to lift and inspire one another with the thoughts and experiences we have had with the Spirit. 

so i will be working on that post. it has brought me back to my blog and found these pictures i haven't shared. i don't know that there is much to share that is inspiring, but just the joys of boston life. which often inspiring just being here! 

a professor i work with gifted me with tickets to a red sox game in his amazing seats! i am a big fan of fenway. i love the history and charm of the stadium. i love that there is such pride in the team regardless of how well they are doing. 

there is a beautiful cemetery, mt. auburn. before i moved to new england, i never would have thought that cemetery's were beautiful places to walk around. now - i get it. it is a beautiful park. which, if you notice the picture where my skirt is flying - with all the trees, it is a favorite location during the fall. 

i was in love with all these signs. 

and the tiny turtles!!!

yes, this how you say "hi!" in russian!

although i look drugged, i was just delighted. 

there are bunnies at work! they appear on the lawn all the time here at HBS. 

one of my all-time dearest friends is mrs. emily larsen doxford. we have been friends for oodles of years and oodles plus experiences. you may have seen her in most of my nyc pictures because she lets me crash at her place and play when i go down. but this time, she was in BOSTON! her little sister will be attending Harvard's Graduate School of Education and they were checking out apartments, etc. 

the preece's came back to visit!! mike has lost 25 pounds so we needed to fatten him up with yummy kimball's ice cream. then we had a "ward" dinner with them around. it was on the lawn just in front of the Longfellow Park building. if you look at the picture with me and Jennie, you can see Henry Longfellow's house. yup, no biggie. :)

ty moved a few months ago. boo. it' s been fun to have him around boston. we served together in russia, but met at a reunion a few years after. 

pam and richard norby came to visit!! i got to know them when pam was called to the Relief Society general board and i was the secretary that got to help the board members. richard was the stake president of a singles ward in orem and he asked me to teach institute (crazy man). so needlesstosay, i love them! they both were released from their callings about the same time as their 40th wedding anniversary. so they came to play with me! we had a wonderful time and had some sweet, sweet chats. 

this is frank of frank's hot dogs - holy amazing!!

remember how i love pinterest? ya, i do. i love the quotes and the design of the quotes. these are ones that are hitting home right now. i am trying to actually live life the way i want to and not let life take over. 
here's hoping!

this is dearest leah. who moved. ugh. ugh. ugh. i moved into my apartment because it was a stone's throw from leah. she was my first friend here. i was at home with her - which, i am realizing more and more - is a big, big deal. we had just had a lovely dinner at our friend's house and took a walk to Tufts campus. their mascot is an elephant named Jumbo. we just had to pose by him!

adventure with CT! this is just before he left for China for the summer. i love adventuring with him!

clay's book release party at innosight. talk about the coolest cake ever!!

this is matt eyring's assistant who makes things run there. i loved that we matched. and i really love that i look like i am size 2. i am not. this is good inspiration!

messy desk. it drives me crazy when it looks like this!

my friend jill came to visit! we had to stop to see the chickens on our way to strawberry picking - it smelled so bad, but we had a blast! we picked berries, went walking on the minute man trail, drove through concord, went to a lovely lunch at pickadilly place in charming new hampshire, visited my friend's farm, you name it - we did it!

clay's son was married over memorial day weekend. the reception in boston was a few weeks later. i took a day from work to help get ready. these are clay's grandkids who decided i was the jungle gym for the day!

brian's brother danny came to play for the summer - we started the months of fun with a red sox game!

oops out of order, but more berry day with jill :)

adventures in maine with brian, danny, and linda!

and sunday picnic at robinson park. 

sad to think the summer is over. but guess what is next?!?! new england in the fall!!